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Croeso i'n Bwrdd Neges newydd. Gallwch ddefnyddio'r bwrdd yma i gyhoeddi Digwyddiadau Lleol, gadael neges ynglyn a'r pentrefi neu unrhyw beth arall fydd o ddiddordeb i'r gwylwyr. Mi fydd eich neges yn cael ei ychwanegu wedi i ni gael siawns i edrych arno, fel arfer ymhen 24 awr. Mae hyn i stopio bobl bostio negesau cas neu drwg. Nodwch os ydych yn cynnwys eich ebost yn y neges, mi fydd yn cael ei gyhoeddi ar y dudalen. Rydym wedi ychwanegu negesau o'r mis diwethaf i ddechrau'r bwrdd. Mae cysylltiad i'r hen fwrdd neges ar waelod y dudalen. Gallwch ddanfon unrhyw gwestiynnau i

Os nad ydych yn siwr sut i ddefnyddio'r bwrdd neges yma mae na rhai fanylion ar waelod y dudalen.

Welcome to our new Messageboard. You can use this messageboard to publicise details of Local Events, make a comment about the villages or anything else which you feel may be of interest to viewers. Your message will be added after we've had a chance to review it, usually within 24 hours. This is to stop offensive messages being posted. Please note that if you include your email address in the message it will be published on the page. We've added messages from the last month to get the board started. There is a link to the old messagebaord at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions you can email us on

If you are not sure on how to use this messageboard, there are some instructions at the bottom of the page.

How to use the messageboard

  • To view a message click on it.
  • To return to the main list of message click on Back to Thread.
  • To post a new reply to an existing message, use the message form below that message.
  • To post a message on a new subject on the board, use the message form on the main list page.
  • If you want to add a link to your message, enter the text you want the link to have in the box labelled 'Link Title' and enter the web address in the box labelled 'Link URL'.
  • If you have a picture which you want to include that is hosted on the web on a photo website such as Flickr or Yahoo Photos, you can enter the web address of the photo in the box labelled 'Image URL'.



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