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Singing Group

Posted on 25/9/22

Hi there,

I’m a complete beginner, but am looking to join a singing group or friendly choir that might accommodate a beginner – I live between Llangadog and Llandeilo so anywhere nearby would be great?

Many thanks,

Tracy -



Welsh Learner / Dysgwr Cymraeg

Posted on 1/5/22

Aelod o staff ac athro yn Ysgol St Albans dw i. On i'n dechrau dysgu Cymraeg ers mis Ionnawr 2021 gyda DuoLingo ac wedyn Say Something in Welsh. Oes rhywun yn yr ardal sy'n gallu helpu fi ymarfer siarad yn Cymraeg ar Teams neu Zoom, unwaith y wythnos, efallai?

Maen drwg da fi os fy Gymraeg yn sâl!

Fy e-bost ydy patrick(dot)taylor3(at)btinternet(dot)com


I'm a member of staff and teacher at St Albans School. I started learning Welsh in January 2021 with DuoLingo and then Say Something in Welsh. Is there anyone in the area who can help me practice speaking in Welsh on Teams or Zoom, maybe once a week?

I'm sorry if my Welsh is poor!

My email is patrick(dot)taylor3(at)btinternet(dot)com




Up Coming Visit to Llangadog

Posted on 1/3/22

My wife and I  and our grandson are coming to visit Llangadog in June.  My family roots are deep in the town.  My family once owned the Danyrallt Estate and many of my ancestors have monuments in the church there.  I wanted to make sure that we would be able to get inside the church, so if you had a contact person's name and email that would be great. 

We also wanted to see Church House, if possible as that is where John William Lloyd lived.  We have also got many people buried at the new cemetery and would like to spend some time there, cleaning and repairing any headstones that need it.  So it would be nice to find out who is in charge of the cemetery.  Henry Robert Lloyd was curate at Llangodog in the 1830's and I have inherited alot of interesting letters, notes and facts about the time our family owned Danyrallt between 1828 and 1870.  Look forward to hearing from you. 

Best wishes, 
Warren Lloyd



Albert and Esther Escott of Bran Villa

Posted on 12/8/21


Just wondering if you have any information about my family who used to live in Llangadog (at Bran Villa) from 1902 or so.

I believe my great grandfather Albert Escott worked at Dan yr Allt as Butler for Sir Vincent Peel, and my great grandmother Esther as housekeeper, and they raised four children at Bran Villa who all attended Llangadog school (I have a few old photos if helpful).

I would be fascinated to know anything of the family known locally, I know they certainly lived there for ten years at least.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
Many thanks,
Rhiannon Fentimen



Ysgol Ramadeg Llangadog / Llangadog Grammar School

Postiwyd / Posted on 30/6/21

Annwyl Gyfeillion,
Diolch am eich dudalennau ar y we – diddorol dros ben.
Yn saithdegau’r pedwerydd ganrif ar bymtheg ‘r oedd Ysgol Ramadeg yn Llangadog.
Gershon Levi oedd y Prifathro cyntaf ac fe’i ddilynwyd gan Y Parch John Davies.
A oes rhywun a all ddweud yn lle yn union oedd yr ysgol?
Lle oedd “Myrtle Hill” a lle oedd “Melrose House”?
Gobeithio fod rhywun yn cofio!
Llawer o ddiolch,

Peter M. Jones, Yr Wyddgrug, Sir y Fflint

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your web pages – most interesting.
In the seventies of the nineteenth century there was a Grammar School in Llangadog.
Gershon Levi was the first Headmaster and he was followed by the Rev. John Davies.
Can anyone say where the school was located? Where swas “Myrtle Hill” and where was “Melrose House”?
I hope somebody remembers!
Many thanks,

Peter M. Jones, Yr Wyddgrug (Mold), Flintshire.



Herbert Morgan and his properties in Llangadog

Posted on 24th May 2021

Bore da,

I have very fond memories of visiting Llangadog with my father Philip Morgan and myself, over the years visiting his cousin Herbert Joh Lewis and wife Mair at Bran Villa. My father was born in Carpenters Arms in 1917, son of Sarah and Richard Morgan. The pub was run at the time by John and Keturah Davies, Sarah's parents.

Richard was the son of Herbert Morgan, who actually owned the Carpenters Arms. I am trying to locate in the village where some properties that Herbert owned at the time of his death in 1915. These are Primrose House and Primose Cottage. During my last visit I wasn't able to find them.

Diolch yn fawr,
Rich Morgan



Taylor's American Circus 1911

Posted on 14th April 2021

Whilst doing some research on the 1911 Census I discovered that there was a travelling circus in Llangadog. I'd love to know if there is anyone with family pictures or leaflets.
I know there were several circuses that travelled in the area at that time so I'm only interested in this one particularly.

Jutta Beer, Llangadog



Frank William Coles

Posted on 19th Feb 2021


I am a family historian and have come across a reference to my great uncle, Frank William Coles, living at "Llysnewydd, Llangadog". He died in 1988. He was born in Warwickshire in 1895. I have no record of him ever being married and also never knew his profession. I can recall meeting him once when I was very young.

I would love to complete the file on his history. If anyone in your neighbourhood has memories of Uncle Frank I would be delighted to hear from you.

Thanks in anticipation.

Best wishes,
Phil Child



New to Llangadog

Posted on 31st October 2020


My husband David Downs and I have become new residents in Llangadog.  We and our two dogs (Nader and Sophie) relocated almost two weeks ago from Seattle, Washington.  We spent three years looking for our final home and have come to love this area of Wales.  The hospitality of our neighbors and new friends has been phenomenal and I am grateful for the warm welcome. 

We are waiting for our container of household goods to arrive in the next few weeks.  If anyone has an upcoming move, we would love to donate our packing materials and boxes.  When we left they were in exceptional condition and very sturdy. 

We are in search of a used vehicle of a small van or something similar to a Ford Connect to haul materials for our home.  If you have one that you might be interested in selling or know of someone, please let us know.

We cannot imagine a more beautiful place to live and are so very grateful to be here.   We look forward to meeting our local community when COVID restrictions allow.

Cymryd gofal!!

Carina and David Downs


The Limes / Walter Lewis

Posted by Annabel Thomas on 25/7/19


My family is originally from Llangadog - my great-great-grandfather Walter Lewis lived above his shop (then called The Limes) in Queens Square with his wife Elizabeth (nee Rowlands).  I think the shop was a general store, selling fabric, food, seeds and ironmongery.  If anyone has any information about the Lewis family, I would be delighted to hear from them.

Diolch yn fawr,



Was St. Cadog considered the Llangadock parish in 1820?

Posted by MK Armstrong on 9/6/19

Hello. I have been researching family history over 25 years and am located across the pond in GA.  I descend from William Lloyd b. June 1800 d. June 1849 Portsmouth, Scioto Co, OH, USA and Jane "Jennie" Roberts b. 1806 Wales d. June 1849 Portsmouth, Scioto Co, OH. At least two of the earliest born children died in Llangadock and are buried at the "parish church". Ann Jane Lloyd baptised 9-10-1821 Carregsawthey, Llangadog, Carmarthenshire, Wales buried 1-20-1822 age 19 weeks, same place and William Lloyd baptised 1-31-1828 Carregsawthey, Llangadog buried 3-15-1828  age 6 months, same place. There is also a baptism for Anne Lloyd 2-10-1825 but could not find a burial for this child.

William Lloyd was listed as a tailor. They lived in Llangadock town. By the 1841 census they are living in Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire, Wales. The family immigrates to America in 1847. Sadly both parents died on the same day of cholera in Portsmouth, Scioto Co, OH. In the 1850 mortality schedule there is also listed a Benjamin Lloyd (age 4) who died of cholera (most likely another of their children). At the time they had 8 living children. One of their children, Thomas Lloyd (baptised 9-29-1822, Llangadog) remained in Wales. He died at Builth, Breconshire, Wales 11-7-1885. The remaining seven children come to the USA with their parents. When the parents died in 1849, their oldest son in America was 21.  The younger siblings in the 1850 census Portsmouth, OH are living with their older brother. [William T. Lloyd (age 22), David W. Lloyd (age 19), Anna Lloyd (age 16), Robert Lloyd (age 14), Mariah E. Lloyd (age 11), Margaret I. Lloyd (age 7)]. Joseph Thomas Lloyd  (age 4) is not listed as living with his oldest brother, not sure where he is.

Find A Grave only has three entries for St. Cadog church listed. Is there someone who can tell me if these babies are buried there and/or is there a church register that lists who is buried there? It is VERY interesting that the three Lloyds listed on find a grave are the correct age/given names to possibly be William Lloyd's parents. Thanks for any help. I will be visiting in Oct 2019 and very much look forward to it.

MK Armstrong



Hanes teulu yr Hughes' / Hughes family history

Posted by Catrin on 3/12/18

Dwi'n ymchwilio hanes teulu fy mam, sy'n deillio o Langadog - roedd ei hen tadcu yn byw ar fferm ym Mhenybont Sawdde. John Hughes, ganed Mai 11eg 1805. Priododd ei wraig, Margaret (Jones) yn abaty Talyllychau yn 1829. Symudodd y teulu (roedd 9 o blant erbyn hyn) i Ystalyfera yn 1849. Ma cefnder gen i sy'n cofio ymweld a teulu yn Llangadog tua 1940/50 a hefyd ymweld a Lovelodge Mill, Ffairfach. Os oes unrhyw un a wybodaeth o'r teulu ehangach bydde ni wrth fy modd yn clywed. Pwy oedd y 3 chwaer o'f felin a oedd brodyr a chwiorydd gan John Huhges.

Diolch yn fawr iawn

I'm researching my mother's family tree who are originally from Llangadog. Her great-grandfather, John Hughes (born 11 May 1805) was born on a farm in Llansawel/Penybont Sawdde area. He married his wife Margaret (nee Jones) in Talley Abbey in 1829. They and the family of 9 children moved to Ystalyfera in 1849. I have a cousin who remembers visiting the area in the 1940/50s and going to the farm to visit relatives. He also recalls visiting 3 sisters (also family) who lived in Lovelodge Mill in Ffairfach. I would love to know more about the wider Hughes family - siblings to John Hughes etc, who were the sisters who lived in the mill. 

Thank you for your help


William and Elizabeth Griffiths Family Research

Posted by Richard Harris on 22/7/18

I am descended from William and Elizabeth Griffiths who lived at farm G lanmeilwch near Gwynfe in the 1790's...  are there and descendants still in the area?

It is the same family as a David Griffith's (a son) who was a famous Madagascar missionary. 

I now live in Hong Kong!

With many thanks,

Richard Harris



Eileen Phillips and Linda Evans

Posted by Caron 20/2/18

Can someone help?  Looking for memories.

A letter, from a past resident, who used to live in Llangadog dropped onto my desk this morning so I had a read and thought I would get it onto the site in case anyone remembers this lady.  If so, I could possibly send a letter back to her.  Anyway here is the information:

Eileen Phillips and Linda Evans (nee Thomas) lived in 11 Ashfield Row in Llangadog.  Linda Evans, (now 105 years old) currently lives very happily in a residential home in Chirk, Wrexham.

If anyone remembers this lady please let me know as I can then type up a letter etc and forward onto her.

Many thanks


Re: Eileen Phillips and Linda Evans

Posted by Rose Gudge 9/7/18

My parents live in Llangadog and my father was brought up there he is pretty sure he remembers these ladies.

My father will be 90 this year and remembers a lot about past history and of people who lived there. If you would like to message me I can forward details to Eileen.

Regards Rosemary.



The Plough (and Stars?) Pub

Posted on 30th May 2018

Hi there, I hope you can help me? My family used to own "The Plough" pub some 36/37 years ago, I understand it's now a private residence, but was wondering if anyone could please let me know where to find it?  I'll be in the area over the weekend, it's my first  (and possibly last) chance to see where I lived as a baby and connect the dots on my past. 

If anyone has any historical info to offer, or remembers when the Piper/Westgate names were over the door, and has any memories they'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you. 

Kind regards,

Dawn Holdbrook (Formerly Westgate) 


William Evans Family History

Posted by on 9th May 2018

I am researching William Evans who was born in Llandeilo in or around 1800. He married 'Anne' who was born in Llanfyndd, 6 miles from Llandeilo. In 1841 William, his wife Anne, and children, Mary, John, Anne, William, Liza, Margaret, we're all living in Dyffryn Cydrick. The eldest son David (1820) had left for Merthyr Tydfil. William and David were carpenters as was John later on.

I am looking for any other details or connections that someone may be able to suggest.

Thank you.

Jeff Matthews



Railway Hotel

Posted by Caron 27/2/18

I am doing a bit of history research on where I live at the moment as it used to be the Railway Hotel years back until it was purchased and made into two houses.  I don't seem to find anything about it when searching, the only picture I have is the one on the website.

Does anybody have any information (ie who owned it etc) and maybe any other pictures of it?  Basically a bit of history (if any) around it. 

Also, if anyone has any other history/stories with regards to Thomas Bros in Llangadog, it would be nice to hear of anything of interest.



Griffith Williams, Newfoundland Farm

Posted by Gary 14/2/18

Hi there.

A Sandie Reed was researching Williams relatives at Pant-y-clogau and Newfoundland farms.

I have traced part of my family line to Griffith and Rachel Williams, who farmed Newfoundland from 1825 to the 1860's. Baptismal records show that they farmed Pant-y-clogau from about 1810, until moving to Newfoundland.

Does Sandie Reed wish to swap notes?

Regards - Gary Lewis.(ex Llandebie, now Doncaster.) 

Sir John Williams

Posted by Susan on 1/9/2017, 21.05

Would anyone know if Sir John Williams' mother Eleanor Jones (b 1808/9) had a sister Elizabeth Jones (b 1806)?



The Plough

Posted by: Nia Williams on 14/7/2017, 19.55

Good evening,
As it's coming up to Father's Day, myself and my sister wanted to get our dad something meaningful and a thought came to me to get a picture of somewhere he's always talked about growing up. He lived in the Plough on llangadog in the 1950s/60s (born in 53) he lived with my nana and tadcu iris and William (Bill) Williams and they had a Jack Russell called Penny. I was just wondering if there were any pictures of the public house as really struggling to find any! If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!


1940 Evacuee
Posted by Dean Critchfield on 2/3/2017, 10:54 am

My dad, Eric Critchfield, celebrates his 85th birthday this summer and in July we are spending a few days in South Wales, during which time we will visit Llangadog.

This will be his first visit since 1940 when at the age of 8 he was evacuated from London to spend 18 months in Llangadog.

On many occasions during my lifetime he has referenced back to those days and he is very much looking forward to our visit.

The information I have from him is that he came with his mother, 2 sisters and his aunt. They went first to the village hall where the local residents volunteered to billet the evacuees.

Dad went on his own to Mr and Mrs Lewis at Bran Villa. They had a son Herbert who taught at the local school.

Dad then went to Bert and Dorothy Howells at Meirus Villa to join his family. The Howells had a daughter Dorothy.

Schooling for the evacuees took place in the local chapel. Dad also remembers going to the local blacksmith, local shop and other parts of the village.

Having searched online I have found properties in the village named Bran and Meirus, there are pictures of Bran which dad and I have studied as well as looking at current site maps.

Dad believes it to be the property he stayed at. Turning right led to the station and left over the river led to the village. I cannot find pictures or the same level of information on Meirus Villa.

My limited information may be of interest and I do so hope somone can provide information and perhaps photos that I can show dad.

Is anyone please able to confirm that there is only one Bran Villa in Llangadog and it is as I have described? Does a Meirus Villa still exist?
Also, does anyone have any information on the families that dad stayed with all those years ago? Are there any records/photos from that period?

Thank you.

Dean Critchfield

Re: 1940 Evacuee
Posted by Rosemary Gudge on 7/3/2017, 10:23 pm, in reply to "1940 Evacuee"

I was brought up in Llangadog but now living in Gloucester.
My parents still live in the village and my father who will be 89 this year often wonders what happened to the evacuees that came from London.
He often talked about the wonderful time he had playing with them.
I have just returned from being with my father as he had a bad fall that has left him hardly able to walk.
As I am returning in the next few days he will be pleased to hear of your request.Meiris villa is few yards from my parents house.I will find out more information when I speak to him and let you know.
Regards Rosemary

Re: 1940 Evacuee
Posted by Dean on 16/3/2017, 9:42 pm, in reply to "Re: 1940 Evacuee"

Hello Rosemary,
Thank you very much for your reply.
I look forward to hearing more from you and I do hope your dad is recovering okay.


Re: 1940 Evacuee
Posted by Dean Critchfield on 26/4/2017, 7:31 pm, in reply to "Re: 1940 Evacuee"

Hi Rosemary,

Hope all is well with you.

Were you able to find out any information from all those years ago?


Re 1940 Evacuee - Att:Dean Critchfield
Posted by: Rosemary Gudge on 15/7/2017, 21.50pm , in reply to "Re: 1940 Evacuee"

I have messaged you on FB together with some photos of village.

Re: 1940 Evacuee
Posted by: Dean Critchfield ( ) 0n 12/8/2017 at 20.42pm , in reply to "Re: 1940 Evacuee"

Thanks Rosemary. I'm not on Facebook and have also changed my email to that shown above. Please could you copy the information and photos into email.



Providence Chapel, Llangadog
Posted by Liz Grove on 7/3/2017, 7:08 pm

I am interested in tracing a marriage record for my great grandparents Thomas Williams and Jane Thomas who married I believe in 1872 at Providence Chapel, Llangadog.
Is it possible that someone may have a contact telephone number in order that I may arrange a meeting to search the records please.
Many thanks
Liz Grove

Re: Providence Chapel, Llangadog
Posted by D Wyn Williams on 11/3/2017, 7:00 pm, in reply to "Providence Chapel, Llangadog"

Dear Madam,
As this wedding took place a long time ago please contact the following person who may be able to help you:-
Andrea Rowlands,
Civil Registration Manager,
Carmarthenshire Registration Service,
Register Office,
Parc Myrddin,
Richmond Terrace,
SA31 1HQ

Tel :- 01267 228210
email :-
yours faithfully,
D Wyn Williams
(Former Authorized Person for the Chapel)

Re: Providence Chapel, Llangadog
Posted by Liz Grove on 12/3/2017, 9:21 pm, in reply to "Re: Providence Chapel, Llangadog"

Dear Mr Williams,
Thank you for your informative reply.
I already have a copy Marriage Certificate from Carmarthen but I was hoping to see an original entry in the parish records in order that I can verify certain details.
Liz Grove

Re: Providence Chapel, Llangadog
Posted by D Wyn Williams on 13/3/2017, 11:34 am, in reply to "Re: Providence Chapel, Llangadog"

Dear Liz Grove,
Many thanks for your email. Unfortunately the only
Marriage Registers which are kept in the chapel's safe are the most recent ones. If you wish to see the original document (as it goes back many years ago) may I suggest that you contact the Registrar's Office at Carmarthen for further guidance on the matter. Their address and telephone number were quoted in my previous email.
D Wyn Williams

Re: Providence Chapel, Llangadog
Posted by Liz Grove on 13/3/2017, 1:30 pm, in reply to "Re: Providence Chapel, Llangadog"

Dear Mr Williams
Thank you very much for your advice regarding my search for the original document. It was very much appreciated.
Liz Grove


Llangadock Parish Church Cemetery
Posted by Mary K Armstrong on 12/3/2017, 6:43 pm

Has anyone put online the burials for this church? My Lloyd ancestors were here 1820. William Lloyd and Jane Roberts married 6-15-1821 in this parish. They had several children here. Some were buried, who died young, prior to the family moving to Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire.
Anne Jane Lloyd buried 1-20-1822
Anne Lloyd baptised 2-10-1825, no burial info found
William Lloyd buried 3-15-1828

I believe William Lloyd b. June 1800 was also from this town.
Jane Roberts b. abt 1806 was also from this town.

I am located "across the pond" with no access to come look for myself. The Lloyd family immigrated to the USA in 1847. Both parents and the youngest son died of cholera in 1849 Portsmouth, OH, leaving seven children, the oldest of which was 21.
Any help is appreciated.


Posted by Susan Isaac on 17/2/2017, 8:13 pm

Does anyone have any history of this place in the 1840s?
My Great x 2 grandfather David Thomas got married at Gwynfe Chapel on 23/12/1842, and he was from Cysgodlwyn. I have found the house on the tithe maps, but the Thomas family didn't live there. His father was also David Thomas, and I can't find him


Information about my grandparents in 1930s
Posted by Williams Davies on 27/12/2016, 10:43 am

I am trying to find out about my grandparents who had the post office in Bethlehem in the 1930s when my mother was born there.
My grandmother's name was Florence Howard. I only knew my grandmother in Cardiff as a youngster. I never knew my grandfather and do not know his first name.
If anyone has any information about them, I would love to hear from you.
Regards William Davies


First World War; Refusing to fight Community research project
Posted by Huw Pritchard on 14/11/2016, 4:27 pm

As part of a series of projects to mark the Centenary of the First World War and the impact in our region, Dyfed Archaeological Trust is running a project looking at the Conscientious Objectors (COs) who built the water works at Llyn y Fan Fach, Llanddeusant. A really interesting and important aspect of the project is to research the workers, who were billeted with families on nearby farms.
We are launching the project with an opening event on Thursday 17th November, at Llanddeusant Village Hall starting 7.30 pm. All are welcome and it is hoped that people will be able to bring along any memorabilia such as diaries and photographs and have stories to tell about the building of the water works. (Refreshments provided).
We are looking for volunteers to assist in the project with documentary research and fieldwork to find and record the remains of the construction camp, quarries and associated structures.
01558 825997


Bethlehem Christmas Card (mid 90s)
Posted by Claire John on 31/8/2016, 10:09 pm


My boyfriend designed two (i think) Christmas cards on behalf of the Bethlenhem Post Office sometime in the early to mid 90s. He told me last weekend that he regrets never having kept a copy for himself. I am hoping that someone still has a copy if one or both that i could lay my hands on or take a photograph of. If you are able to help please can you get in touch.

Thanks in advance
Claire, Swansea


Gwen Evans
Posted by Gerry Mills on 1/8/2016, 6:59 pm

Can someone please let me have news of Gwen Evans, widow of Brian. I know she had a stroke last autumn but I have lost her address and would like to write to her. We go back a long way. My husband, Mike was a friend from schooldays.

Re: Gwen Evans
Posted by Eifion Jones on 5/8/2016, 9:54 am, in reply to "GWen Evans"


She is all right now I see a couple of times a week when we take the dogs for a walk she lives in Wilmot, Walters Rd, Llangadog

I hope that this helps you


Llangadog School Photo
Posted by Beth Davies on 20/6/2016, 9:44 am
Edited by board administrator 20/6/2016, 11:21 am

I am interested in obtaining more information on the Llangadog school photo on this site (copy below) with Julia Jones the teacher on the right in the photo.

I think that this picture dates from much earlier than 1957 as stated elsewhere on this website. It may even be as early as 1945.

Can anyone tell me when this was taken and who the pupils are in the photo? I think my mother Margaret Davies was sat third in on the right hand side on the front row but not sure.

Does anyone know who the male teacher in the picture is?

It would be great to have more info about this pic if possible and also it would be great if there were more school photos from the 60s on as I also went to Llangadog school in the 70s.


Beth Davies



Railway Hotel - the Jacksons / Red Lion Hotel
Posted by Michael Isaac on 9/1/2010, 12:55 am

I have been investigating my family history and found that my great grandfather, David Isaac, is listed as residing at the Red Lion Hotel in the 1901 census. He married Elizabeth Phoebe Jackson (daughter of Joseph Godfrey Jackson, innkeeper at the Railway Hotel). They emigrated to South Africa where my father (and I) were born, and I have since emigrated to Australia.

I see there was a message posted by Melanie Jackson (8 April 2008) who must be a distant cousin.

Michael Isaac

Re: Railway Hotel - the Jacksons / Red Lion Hotel
Posted by Jeff Bailey on 25/1/2010, 4:52 pm, in reply to "Railway Hotel - the Jacksons / Red Lion Hotel"

Hi Michael

My Mum Lorna Bailey (nee Jackson) is the only daughter of Albert Jackson and she was brought up in the Railway (as it was always known). She has often told me that we had relations in South Africa but had no details. Mum is now almost 94 (in 3 day's time!) and lives with my wife and me in Guernsey. Mum had 3 brothers: Ken, Norman and Keith (all Jacksons, of course). Sadly, Norman and Keith lost their lives in WWII (actually, Keith was killed in Palestine just after the end of WWII). Ken was a bomber pilot throughout the war and survived. He married Nora and had one son, Nicholas (my 1st cousin). Nicholas married and had a son and daughter. Melanie is the daughter. Unfortunately, Nicholas died young. I have not seen the family since my Uncle Ken's funeral which has to have been 10 years ago or more.


Jeff Bailey

Re: Railway Hotel - the Jacksons / Red Lion Hotel
Posted by Rhys Griffiths on 8/6/2016, 7:17 pm, in reply to "Re: Railway Hotel - the Jacksons / Red Lion Hotel"

Hi Michael - I've just come across a old album owned by my Aunt - she lived in Llangadog during the it there are two significant photographs which I know will be of interest to you ( and I really hope that I've got the right person - my sincere apologies if not) Keith and Norman Jackson. Unfortunately, my father died earlier this year - his name was Maldwyn Griffiths and I can only assume, that in a scrap book of family photos, they would have been friends. Please get back to me if you indeed are the right person and I'll arrange to forward the photos - regards - Rhys - my e mail is

Re: Railway Hotel - the Jacksons / Red Lion Hotel
Posted by kevin skone on 15/2/2010, 10:48 am, in reply to "Railway Hotel - the Jacksons / Red Lion Hotel"

Hi Michael

Kevin from the Red Lion here.
you can see some pictures of the hotel on
Keep in touch.

Kevin Skone


Davies family Maes yr helfa / Pen y groes
Posted by Anna Thomas on 29/4/2016, 4:06 pm

My grandfather Morgan Elias Davies was born in Llangadock about 1876 but moved to the Rhondda. His father, John Davies was born about 1833 but in Pencarreg and went on to marry Elizabeth Rees from Llangadock. I didn't find John on the 1891 Census but he was supposed to have gone out to the US to show them how to build railtracks in curves (1840s so doesn't fit!). Elizabeth died and John remarried a Gwenllian (Davies?. My grandfather died in 1837 but his sister Elizabeth remained in Llangadock, marrying John Williams, a farmer. I remember being shown the house where John Davies lived, which wasn't much more than a large shed. It was in the garden of another house where it was being used as storage although they didn't own it.Any information on the family would be welcome.


Golden Retriever Breeder
Posted by Sara Matthews on January 7, 2009, 5:39 pm

I am an American who was living in Lincoln a couple years ago. I bought a beautiful Golden Retriever from a lady in Llangadog. Since then I have had some many people comment on my dog's looks and temperment. I would love to give them the name and email of the lady who sold me my dog but I've lost all the information. All I have is a name Mrs. J Poulson. She lived on a farm outside of town on the A4069. She sold me my dog on Nov. 11, 2006. The dog was born on Sept 17, 2006. The Dam was Redberth Thornbird and the Sire was Kenmilquin Magician. If you have any information I would appriciate it! Thank you so much!
Sara Serine Matthews

Re: Golden Retriever Breeder
Posted by richard stephens on 4/1/2010, 12:24 pm, in reply to "Golden Retriever Breeder"

hello , im looking for the lady myself .as a man in my local village bought a dog off her ,and im interested in a pup for my grandaughter as the temprament and looks on the dog i know is fabulous .
please let me know if you have any info ,and i will do the same for you

Re: Golden Retriever Breeder
Posted by Sara Matthews on 4/1/2010, 1:46 pm, in reply to "Re: Golden Retriever Breeder"

I have NEVER found out any information on her! I agree the dogs she bred were perfect! My dog, The Cheat is now over 3 years old and just the best dog around. Very loyal and smart. Her looks are always complimented on. I've had many top dog trainers here in the USA want to know where I got her - one said she's the best of her breed he's ever seen. Grrrrr... wish I could send her some serious business! Richard, since you're in England you probably have a better shot of finding her than I do...if you ever track her down post here and let me know!

Sara Serine Matthews
San Antonio, TX


Re: Golden Retriever Breeder
Posted by Emma on 19/3/2016, 11:12 pm, in reply to "Re: Golden Retriever Breeder"

Hi did you find the golden retriever breeder Mrs Poulson you were looking for? I too am looking for her as I bought a stunning goldie off her but he's got a serious eye condition & would like to find her to see if she has any info so we can save his eye (he now only has one). Any info greatly appreciated Emma

Re: Golden Retriever Breeder
Posted by Emma on 19/3/2016, 11:08 pm, in reply to "Golden Retriever Breeder"

Hi Sara I too am looking for the golden retriever breeder you are searching for did you find her? Iv come across a few posts off you on different sites. I had a stnning retriever of Mrs Poulson but beau has a serious eye condition & I'm trying to find out if any of his family have it too?? Contact me pls