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looking for mrs j poulson
Posted by richard stephens on 4/1/2010, 12:55 pm

hi , im interested in buying a golden retriever.

and a friend of mine bought one off mrs j poulson a few yrs ago ,
the dog has a wonderfull temprament+looks and
he s given me address but no telephone no ,,and id like to speak with her before travelling from kenfig hill,bridgend . any help please

richard stephens


Elizabeth (possibly Howells) Williams
Posted by Patricia Finley on 6/1/2010, 10:04 pm

I am looking for someone to hire who does local genealogical research in LLangadock, Wales.
The name I am looking for is Elizabeth (possibly Howell) b. 1786 in Wales. Married Thomas Williams. Son Rees immigrated to USA in 1854 with wife Mary John who he married in 16 Mar 1850 in Meythr Tidfil and daughter Katerine b. 23 Apr 1851 in Wales.
In 1874 Elizabeth ? Williams wrote a letter to her son Rees in USA. The return address was Ty'r Berlian.
My email is (q. is like in quest)
Thank you,
Patricia Finley

Llangadog Calender 2010
Posted by Bernard Rofe on 18/1/2010, 11:51 am

I thought nothing could equal the superb 2009 Llangadog calendar, but the 2010 edition is even better. Many congratulations to all concerned.


Llangadog History
Posted by John Deverell on 19/1/2010, 8:32 am

My wife and I visited Llangadog in 2004 and were very impressed with the village.

We saw a notice board outside the village hall which had a history of the village and I am wondering if there is a picture or description of the information.

My wife's grand father came from the village

Hope you can help

John Deverell


Digital Photography Challenge
Posted by Julie on 25/5/2010, 4:04 pm

If you are passing the post office please have a look at the exhibition of recent photographs produced by people of the locality. You can vote for your favourite in the post office.


john davies penygraig villas ty -capel and rhydyfro
Posted by john davies on 8/6/2010, 7:54 pm

Hello Llangadog i am still alive at 73 years old and living in Portsmouth I war born in Llangadog is Russe4l Golding stil Alive Doug and Jean Nixie G


Llangadog Carnival
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 17/6/2010, 2:07 pm

Llangadog Carnival on the 10th July 2010.
Parade starts at the local common at 1.30pm.
Judging at the recreation field at 2.30pm.
Admission for adults £1.50, Children 50p and Car park 50p.
Various Stalls, nail arts, bouncy castle and human demolition, also a workshop for the children throughout the day. A magic show later for the children and mini disco.
Fun day for all the Family, sports as well.


Stephens research
Posted by Carl Stephens on 5/7/2010, 9:21 pm

I am researching my Family Tree and would like to hear from anyone who has any information on mary stephens who in the 1861 census was at the Royal oak public house Llangadock. She was widowed with 5 children. George V, Ann, James, Sarah and Edward. I think her Maiden name is Vinson and she married David Stephens in 1850 at the parish church. I believe Davids Father is George Stephens a Glazier in Llangadock. Any information is much appreciated.

Carl Stephens


Harris and Stephens families of Llangadog
Posted by Kieran Owens on October 5, 2008, 6:43 pm

I have in my family papers the following statement about my maternal family line:

"John Harris of Llangadog married Anne Stephens in November 1774 in the wooden chapel on the river Twyi, at Llangadog. His original family name was Ris, one of the family being a Peer. Anne Stephens was Norman / Welsh or pure Norman, The Stephens were followers of the Earl of Vallance, Earl of Pembroke. The Stephens intermarried with the Vallance family and the Marshals (also Earls of Pembroke). The Harris family have the right on their grandmother's side to the Boar's head (as a crest) and the motto 'I Will Defend'"

Whatever about the possibly extravagant claims in the latter part of the above statement, is there a possibility that in Llangadog today there still exits any church or civil records of the marriage in November 1774 of John Harris and Anne Stephens? This couple had a son, Richard, who was born in Llangadog in 1775, as well as several other children including Thomas Harris; a daughter who died as an infant (possibly in Llangadog); and Henry Harris.

Also, if the Harris family does indeed originate from Llangadog, is there any local historian of history society that might know a little more of their history?

Best wishes,

Kieran Owens


Re: Harris and Stephens families of Llangadog
Posted by Carl Stephens on 5/7/2010, 9:51 pm, in reply to "Harris and Stephens families of Llangadog"

I have stephens in Llangadock going back to the 1841 census being a george stephens a glazier. i would love to find out more about the stephens family in Llangadock.



Cwmsaeson, Nr Llangadog?
Posted by Stephen Evans on 11/11/2009, 1:44 pm

I am trying to locate Cwmsaeson a village near Llangadog ? I am trying to trace an Andrews to the area around 1841-51. Would be very grateful for any information. and also of any known photographs of the Mason's Arms at Gwynfe.


Re: Cwmsaeson, Nr Llangadog? and Mason's Arms
Posted by J D R Thomas on 14/11/2009, 5:49 pm, in reply to "Cwmsaeson, Nr Llangadog?"

I'm unaware of a Cwmsaeson. But the Mason's Arms used to be known as the Carpenter's, until it changed its name. I knew it as the Mason's Arms from about 1930 onwards, i.e. after it was previously occupied by a Baker - Mr Page (who went to live at Bryncapel, and had 10 children and lived there until his death). The Mason's Arms went into ruins and was eventually demolished. In 1868 the Mason's Arms was occupied by a Mr R? Morgan who donated half a crown per year to the Gwynfe British School. I haven't cheched the Censuses for 1861 and 1871 re Mason's Arms.

Best Wishes,

Re: Cwmsaeson, Nr Llangadog? and Mason's Arms
Posted by Stephen Evans on 15/7/2010, 8:15 am, in reply to "Re: Cwmsaeson, Nr Llangadog? and Mason's Arms"

My thanks as always to JDR Thomas for his kind information, but I wonder if there is a known photograph of the old Masons Arms and I understand there was a Vicarage somewhere in the village that was part of a farm. Ive recently discovered my Great Great Grandmother Margaret Davies lived at Parc Owen, Gwynfe. Is this still a farm?

Thanks to all,

Stephen Evans


my self
Posted by john glyndwr james Davies on 8/6/2010, 7:42 pm

I was born in llangadog i lived at penygraig villas Providence chapel house and the at rhydyfro my mothers name was May and dads name was Jack i joind the Navy in 1954 I had a stroke 4years ago and i remember john and enid yeland russel golden geraint evans marjory hughes if any one else remembers me please contact i will be away for the next three week my love to llangadog happy memmories


Village water pump
Posted by Mared Rees on 23/8/2010, 2:24 pm

Dear all,

I am currently on work experience with Carmarthenshire County Council and am based with the Tywi Afon Yr Oesoedd project in Llandeilo. We are trying to renovate the water pump in Ffairfach, and thought that as Llangadog is not too far away, would you be interested in the renovation of your village pump aswel?


Mared Rees

Re: Village water pump
Posted by Peter Berry on 31/8/2010, 10:43 am, in reply to "Village water pump"

Sounds a good idea. You probably need to contact thelocal community council - see contacts listed on this website's home page.
Peter Berry

Pen-y-bont Cottages
Posted by Damien Davies on 16/9/2010, 9:35 am


I was just wondering if anyone remembers the four cottages that once existed next to
Pen-y-bont farm, they were defiantly pre the current Farm house and possibly pre the old farm house which was in the same field the cottages once existed.

They were in the end field at the top of the Carregsawdde common, now the location of Cllr Ellis Davies property.

Any help much appreciated


Family History Research
Posted by Mike Atkin on 20/10/2010, 2:00 pm

I came across the Llangadog community website today whilst doing research in preperation for a trip to south west Wales next month, where I will be doing research on family trees for myself and my wife. In my wife's family tree is someone called Rhys ap Blesri, who APPARENTLY lived in Llangadog in the 12th century. He was a son of Blesri Latimer ap Cydifor Fawr, and an ancestor of the Philipps family of Picton (my wife is from the American branch of that family). This period of Welsh history isn't covered on the Llangadog community website, so I was wondering if you knew any facts about Rhys ap Blesri, or whereabouts in the area he or his family might've centred their power (it seems to me that these oldest Philipps ancestors would've been noblemen or similar in the region).

The Llangadog website does mention a preacher, Rees Thomas Rees, executed in 1817. So far I've been unable to find any more information about him online, do you have any more details? I'm wondering if he has any connection to a Theophilus Rees who operated at Salem chapel in Meidrim; Theophilus went with the Philipps family members who migrated to the USA.

Finally, though this isn't connected to Llangadog, I'm wondering if you know if the motte and bailey castle site just south of St Clears (on Bridge St) is the site of Cilsant castle?

Thanks for your time, hope you can help!

Re: Family History Research
Posted by Lloyd Evans on 21/10/2010, 1:36 pm, in reply to "Family History Research"

Further to the message from Mike Atkin, I cannot assist him regarding Rhys ap Blesri or Blesri Latimer ap Cydifor Fawr. However, in the 'Dictionary of Welsh Biography' there is an entry for a Bledri ap Cydifor who died in 1120 which may be one and the same.

The tragic case of Rees Thomas Rees is well documented. He was a native of Gellybank, Llangadock who was in a long term relationship with an Elizabeth Jones also from Llangadock. Elizabeth became pregnant and she persuaded Rees to obtain a potion which when administered to her would induce a miscarriage. Unfortunately the potion caused the death of Elizabeth and Rees was subsequently charged and found guilty of her murder. He was hanged at Carmarthen on Saturday 19th. April 1817. He was a self taught preacher who was held in great esteem by the people of the area. His final prayer on the gallows was as follows :

"O Lord, thou knowest that I am a great sinner, but my heart is glad to think that thou hast mercy for the greatest sinner. Thou didst save the thief on the cross. Oh cleanse thou me! Cleanse me, cleanse me from all my sins. I am found wanting in the balance in this world. Oh for a sufficiency to stand in judgement! Here the mercy of men faileth, here the the help of all is ended. Lord Jesus, receive my spirit"

With the end of the prayer Rees Thomas Rees was hanged.

I have no information as to whether he had any connection with Theophilus Rees, I rather doubt it.

I hope this information is useful

Lloyd Evans

Re: Family History Research
Posted by Lloyd Evans on 21/10/2010, 1:53 pm, in reply to "Family History Research"

Further to my previous message. I have looked further into Rhys ap Blesri and it would appear that the correct spelling of the name is Bledri. There are numerous references to Rhys ap Bledri and Bledri ap Cydifor Fawr in JE Lloyd's History of Carmarthenshire written in 1935 which should be available in research departments of libraries in Wales. Hope this is helpful

Lloyd Evans

Re: Family History Research
Posted by Mike Atkin on 26/10/2010, 2:45 pm, in reply to "Re: Family History Research"

Thanks very much for your help, Lloyd. I will see if I can find that book when I come up. Cheers!

llangadog railway station
Posted by richard wildig on 17/5/2010, 11:38 am

has anyone got any info/history about llangadog railway station, thanks

Re: llangadog railway station
Posted by J D R Thomas on 21/5/2010, 8:00 pm, in reply to "llangadog railway station"

As a 1939 pupil at Llandovery County School I used to catch a morning LMS train of usually 8 coaches from Llangadock Station at about 08.30 h, calling at Llanwrda and drop off at Llandovery, while the train went on to Shrewsbury (although some of the LMS trains in the day only went as far as Craven Arms). It was fascinating seeing the Booking Office with its rows of tickets in the racks ready for issuing. It was 5 old pence (return) per day. Our bicycles were left on the platform (I don't recall a need to lock them) until we returned at about 4.30 pm on the Great Western (2 coach train from its terminus at Llandovery). Across the Station Car Park (on the Towy River side was a grand Station House as Station Master Harris's residence. The Station Master's son - Eric Harries was at that time also a pupil at Llandovery County School.

There was a Signal Box, manned by a signalman for controlling the gates, that used to be manned by Mr Gravell who lived at Queen Square, Llangadock. But as his wife kept a shop at Queen Square, Mr Gravell was obliged to give up the job of signalman, so he turned to derive an income by his musical prowess of being a perpatetic teacher of orchestra at Llandovery County and possibly other schools. Of course, Mr. Gravell was much involved with other music traditions of the Llangadog area.

Llangadock Station had a goods section on the Llandovery side of the railway gates, and it was there that my father loaded the Freisan Bull (and himself) into a rail wagon in early 1945 for taking it to the Bull Sale at Crewe.

The Railway Station had a platform on each side of the 'double-loop' rail line (one for the up- and one for down- trains. It was fascinating catching the train at Llangadog, and in June 1938 we caught the excursion train there that took Carmarthenshire County School (Llandovery, Llandilo, Amman Valley, etc.) pupils for a day trip to Cardiff where we visited the Fire Station, the Museum and Temple of Peace, with luncheon at the City Hall. Earlier in about 1935, Llangadock Railway Station was our boarding point for a local area excursion to Birmingham (where I recall visiting the Water Treatment Works), and being fascinated by the LMS train with tables for groups of 4 seats.

I suppose the 1930s was getting towards the end of the heyday for Llangadock Railway Station, as the car and 'school buses' took over. But it was still important as a boarding and 'getting off' point for HM Forces personnel, and for students travelling (with the 'luggage in advance' facility) to and from colleges in Central and Nothern England.

Finally, Station House was recently For Sale at quite a fancy price.


Re: llangadog railway station
Posted by Lloyd Evans on 24/5/2010, 12:28 pm, in reply to "Re: llangadog railway station"

Following on from the posting by Mr. JDR Thomas, in 1960 I like Mr. Thomas started attending the school at Llandovery which later became Ysgol Pantycelyn. Along with pupils bussed to the station from Gwynfe, Bethlehem and Llanddeusant by Mr Davies of Talgarn farm, we travelled from Llangadog stopping at Llanwrda to Llandovery. However, our train was not a scheduled train service but was a two coach train exclusively for the pupils. We pupils from Llangadog would also leave our bicycles in the waiting room on the platform on the village side of the station without the need for security!

I recall Station House but cannot recall who lived there at that time but I gather the house is up for sale and I think that Jeff Bryer, the son of the late Les Bryer (lorry transport) lives there. The last Llangadog Station Master I can recall was a Mr. Dolben but I cannot recall whether he lived at the Station House or not.

We continued to travel by train to school until I think 1964 when Thomas Brothers purchased a double decker bus to transport the pupils from Queen's Square in Llangadog. Ironically Thomas Bros depot is on land next to what remains of the station.

As regards the signal box, I spent many a happy hour in the signal box with a Peter (Toby) Price who was the signalman. Toby was later to become a minister in the Church in Wales and I believe is now retired and living in Tenby.

There are numerous books on the history of the Central Wales Railway which give a good history of the line. I also have an extensive collection of photographs/postcards of the station which I may post on the site at a later stage

Re: llangadog railway station
Posted by Lloyd Evans on 25/5/2010, 5:39 pm, in reply to "Re: llangadog railway station"

Further to the postings about Llangadog railway station, I attach a photograph of the station which I believe was taken in the early 1960's and which clearly shows all the buildings mentioned in the previous postings together with a mixed goods train travelling sedately through. I believe that none of the buildings shown are now standing

Lloyd Evans

Re: llangadog railway station
Posted by Richard Wildig on 26/5/2010, 11:55 am, in reply to "Re: llangadog railway station"

Many thanks to Mr Thomas and Mr Evans for this excellent information. I am writing a short article for the Victoria House newsletter about the history of the station as part of my computer lessons, I would very much like to use the picture you posted, do you have any objections?

thank you

Richard Wildig

Victoria House
Coleg Elidyr

Re: llangadog railway station
Posted by Lloyd Evans on 27/5/2010, 4:50 pm, in reply to "Re: llangadog railway station"

Dear Richard

No objections whatsoever; good luck with the article which you might care to post on the web site when it's finished.

Lloyd Evans

Re: llangadog railway station
Posted by richard wildig on 9/6/2010, 11:40 am, in reply to "Re: llangadog railway station"

Thanks very much Lloyd, I will post the article when it is fineshed.



Re: llangadog railway station
Posted by Lloyd Evans on 10/6/2010, 9:14 am, in reply to "Re: llangadog railway station"

Further to the previous messages re Llangadog railway station, I attach two further photos of the station from the 1960's and 1970's. The first is a photo taken on 11th June 1962 and shows the train that took the school pupils from Llangadog to school in Llandovery. The second photo is taken on 9th April 1972 and shows the old signal box together with the old fashioned crossing gates controlled by the signalman in thebox. There were no 'close shaves' with cars crossing the tracks in those days!

Lloyd Evans

Re: llangadog railway station
Posted by Gordon Arthen Jones on 26/8/2010, 9:25 pm, in reply to "llangadog railway station"

I read your message about Llangadog Railway Station with great interest and very fond memories of my granparents, the Gravelles of Queen Square. My grandfather WJ [William John] did give up the signalman job and concentrated for very many years as a music teacher and choir master throughout the area. My grandmother, May, did run the general dealers at Queen's Square. As boys, including my good friend Lloyd Evans, we would affectionately call my grandmother "News of the World" as she was the information "hub" of the village. I also very affectionately remember Toby Price and his role as signalman and inspiring member of the village Church. Such happy times

Re: llangadog railway station
Posted by Berwyn Prys Jones on 26/10/2010, 4:59 pm, in reply to "Re: llangadog railway station"

I lived at Cefn Gornoeth in Llangadog between about 1958 and 1961 and well remember Mr and Mrs Gravell. I hadn't realised that he'd been a signalman but I remember accompanying my father to a rehearsal of Mr Gravell's choir - at the school, I think.

I'm almost sure Mr Gravell once showed us some beautiful colour slides of flowers he'd taken with his Leica camera. Did any of them survive, I wonder?

As to Llangadog Railway Station, I'm pretty sure I can remember Mr and Mrs Dolben and their two children living at the Station House. Towards the end of my time at Llangadog Primary School, where Gwyn Lewis was the headmaster, I joined the same class as Nia Dolben (and Meinir Evans, Gwynfor's daughter). She later went on to Bangor University and is now, I think, working for Gwynedd Council.

Nia had a brother called William, but I know nothing about what happened to him. The family later moved to Pontrhydyfen. Coincidentally, their uncle, Mr Dolben's brother, later taught me Physics at Grove Park Grammar School in Wrexham. (It was rumoured that his wife sat on the left-hand side in the back of their Morris Minor to balance out the physical forces when he was at the wheel ...!)

Pob hwyl

Berwyn Prys Jones, Rhiwbina, Cardiff


Clearing Snow
Posted by Mark Atkinson on 18/12/2010, 4:22 pm

It is good to see the small group of people who regularly clear snow and grit the footpaths.

A call to the Highways Department will confirm that the two grit bins; on Walters Road and Rhyd y Fro are for the use of anyone to clear roads and pavements anywhere in the village.