Steve Griffiths - our community policeman

If you go to Llangadog Post Office on Wednesday mornings you might meet Steve, our genial law enforcement person. Steve is part of the Llandovery Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT), sharing the job with colleague Helen Fender. They cover a wide area around Llandovery. Our villages are among Steve's responsibilities.

Steve was born and bred in Carmarthen. While patting the front of his belt that holds several pieces of equipment, he confesses that in his more agile days he played rugby, seriously enough to represent Nantgaredig for 20 years, as a centre. He joined the Police after several years as a porter at Glangwili hopital.

He finds Llangadog to be a particularly friendly and close-knit community and, as time goes by, he is getting to know better more people in the other villages close by.

He says that the most satisfying parts of his work happen when he actively is involved in fulfilling his four most important responsibilities - keeping the community safe, safeguarding vulnerable people, protecting everyone from serious harm, and connecting with the people in the communties in which he works.

Occasionally things don't go according to plan. He remembers an incident (not in one of our villages), responding to a 999 call with another colleague. They went briskly into the house where the emergency needed attention only to be met by astonishment and denial that there was a problem. Obviously it was the wrong address. After confessing their mistake, they had to apologise again because, while backing out, they stepped into the dog's dinner and made even more of a mess. Not a good day.

So thank you Steve for contributing to our best interests.