I have some sad news! Due to circumstances beyond our control, AGL Energy won't be able to take any green waste effective immediately.

We are so grateful for the contributions we received from everyone in the village and beyond, and were pleased that we were able to be so useful for you all, but have had to move away from The Old Sawmills today (11th July).

We wish you all well, and it's been lovely getting to meet you all.



"Its too hot, I can't garden"

Here I am watching The Beechgrove Garden, Gardeners World and Byw yn yr Ardd as I am unable to garden because its too hot, even in the evening!

The hot weather in Wales seems set to continue with the heat wave predicted to stay for at least another few weeks. Temperatures in Wales have rocketed to well over 30°C with Porthmadog becoming the hottest place in the UK when it hit a high of 33°C in July.

With this in mind it's fair to ask whether you can keep gardening. If the temperature goes too high then take care. If you get too hot, you risk dizziness, fainting, or even heat cramps. In very hot conditions the body's blood temperature rises. If the blood temperature rises above 39°C, there is a risk of heat stroke or collapse. We can look after ourselves by going inside or having a ice cream but what about our plants?


Here are a few tips for coping with your garden in the heat.

Don't panic into watering grass. If your grass turns brown it will be able to bounce back when the rains return later in the year.

For pots and herbaceous beds, water first thing in the morning or last thing at night to avoid damaging plants to avoid stress.

Add organic matter into the soil it helps the moisture-holding capacity of the soil. An organic mulch to a depth of 25mm into the surface of the soil regularly will help conserve water.

Practice a no-dig or limited-dig policy to minimise the loss of moisture from the surface of the soil.

Take extra care of young plants they'll adapt more readily to the amount of water they receive, and get used to irregular watering. If you know it's going to be a hot summer, it's worth bearing this in mind with your younger plants.

Looking after your vegetable plot is important in hot weather too, especially if you're hoping for delicious food to go in summer salads. Don't leave large areas of your vegetable patch bare, but plant with green manures and companion plants. Surface rooting plants such as lettuce and tomatoes will wilt quickly and require more watering, whereas deeper rooting vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and potatoes may be more resilient.

If you need more tips or advice please come to our garden club in Llangadog. We meet on the last Wednesday of every month throughout the year. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 26th September at Llangadog Community Centre, 7.30pm with a talk by Vicki Weston, "Salvias and Penstemons".


Llangadog 50th Show

We are having a plant stall at Llangadog Show on Saturday 4th August. Please come and say hello and buy some bargain plants. If you have any spare plants to donate please leave them down the side of The Last Gallery Workshop across from the community centre, Llangadog.

Oh, the cloud has come over, I better get back in the garden! Happy, safe gardening to you all and we all look forward to seeing you at the show or in the Autumn.


Autumn 2018 Programme

4th August Llangadog YFC Show - Plant stall fundraiser

26th Sept Vicky Weston - Salvias and Penstemons

31st Oct TBC

28th Nov Christmas coach trip to Picton Castle

Llangadog Community Centre 7.30pm
New members always welcome.
Contact Helen for further details 01550 777719




Following the AGM held on Tuesday 26th June, the following people were elected to form the new Committee for the Llangadog Community Hall. Some posts commenced with immediate effect, all others will commence, after handover, in September 2018.

CHAIR Peter Berry (immediate effect)

VICE CHAIR Sarah George (immediate effect)

DIRECTORS Jackie Dare and Lesley Kelly

TREASURER Lizzie Duncan (immediate effect)

SECRETARY Carol Davies


CARETAKER/CLEANER(S) Claire Poulson/Caron Thomas



On September 2nd, the Tour of Britain cycle event will pass through the village. It should be a fantastic race, although riders will fly through in no time! It also goes up Bethlehem Hill (from Ffairfach) and that will be a great spot. Some of the best riders from around the World will be taking part.



Myddfai Hall's monthly Farmers Market is on the last Wednesday of each month from 9am-1pm.

Please come along to support the wide range of local producers with top quality produce.

Five a Day Home Delivery Service Cothi Valley, Caws Cenarth Cheese Defaid Dolwerdd Dairy Sheep Golden Palms Health Forever Living Health Supplements plus eggs, cheeses, bacon, organic Tyllwyd Welsh Black beef, lamb, sausages, scotch eggs, cakes, gluten free and vegan foods, ciders, jams and chutneys, herbs and spices, Trisha Joseph art and much more!

Please support local and share this news. The cafe and gift shop will be open too.


Llangadog Women's Institute

Meeting on the 1st Thursday of every month at the YMCA Hall at 7pm in Llangadog Community Centre.



Llangadog Show 4th August 2018

The Show Season will soon be here. Llangadog YFC Show will be held on the 4th August this year. If you wish to have a stall or trade stand on the day of the show (indoor or outdoor), contact me via personal message on Facebook.

Thank you, Liz Davies