For St David's Day 1 March 2021


This year as we commemorate St David's Day, I enclose a poem written by my Mother Gladys Hamer, about her beloved ‘Wales'. In 1931, she married my Father Frank and lived in Llangadog until 1961.

I was born in January 1932. With my brothers, Raymond and Terry, we were brought up during the Depression and Work War II.

Llangadog was a close community where everyone knew each other and helped one another. A beautiful place to live.

Now again during the Coronavirus Pandemic, we live in challenging times. I send my best wishes to you all – stay safe as we keep on hoping for a better future.

Sheila (nee Hamer)




O Beauteous land! that gave me birth

How can I show the world thy worth?

If I had but a poet's tongue

To paint, in works, thy views, among

Thy glorious wooded hills and vales,

Thy murm'ring brooks and lovely dales.

No artist's brush can do thee right,

Reveal thy beauty in its might.

Thy show-capped peaks in splendour rise

Majestic, tow'ring to the skies.

Thy surging streams and singing brooks

Meander into shady nooks,

As onward under whisp'ring trees

They saunter slowly to the seas.

The sheep that graze upon the hill,

The fish that laze in mountain rill,

The little church, beside the way,

Where oft I pray at close of day,

Conjure a vision in my heart

And nowhere dwells so rich an art,

Can paint what in my mem'ry lies

This picture that I'll every prize

Of thee, proud country of my birth,

The fairest land on all God's earth.


By Gladys Hamer, 1949