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From: The Red Lion
Date: 23 November 2007
Subject: Refurbishment

Just a quick note to say that the re-furb for the Red Lion will begin on the 21st January 2008 during which time we will be closed for 10 days and re-open on the 1st February 2008 at 7.00pm.

Kevin & Cindy


From: Mark Atkinson
Date: 17 November 2007
Subject: Bottle tops. Reply to Susan

It is probably us you are looking for. We have been collecting bottle tops for a while, originally for the Scouts People still bring them in huge numbers so we take them to the hospital in Carmarthen where someone is collecting them for wheelchairs. Send me an email and we can talk about this some more.

Mark Atkinson


From: Susan
Date: 15 November 2007
Subject: Help!...trying to trace a family

I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm trying to contact a family who I believe live in or around Llangadog and are busy collecting plastic milk bottle tops in order to get a new wheelchair for a family member.

I came upon a request for milk tops on Carmarthenshire Freecycle posted by someone who isn't actually in direct contact with the family in question, but heard about it from a friend of a friend sort of thing. Our school has been collecting, the community, friends etc. and details of the collection are mentioned in the Meidrim section of the Carmarthen Journal. I seem to have ended up as a local co-ordinator for bottle tops and people are always asking me for information, but I don't have any to give, other than as far as I know the collection is still going which is all the information my contact can give me.

My problem now is that news of this collection has spread outside of my local area (Meidrim) and even further and a school in Pembroke has now started to collect and want details, but it's just not practical for me to collect tops from that far a field. I am overwhelmed by how much people want to help, and the lengths they go to. If I could make contact with the family I could pass further information on to them and they could perhaps organise to collect from such places.

I do hope someone can help, this has started to drive me nuts!



From: Peter Berry
Date: 26 October 2007
Subject: Recent History Responses

Thanks to all of you who have already responded to my recent appeal for information about Llangadog in the recent past. Some fascinating and useful information has come in (although I'm sure there will be plenty more to come from you all in the coming weeks and months!). In the meantime I will be putting all the information I receive together so that it can be added to our web site eventually. Although material normally appears on the web site within a few days of receipt, this new historical information won't appear until some time in the New Year.

Peter Berry

From: Peter Berry
Date: 12 October 2007
Subject: Recent History

I am interested in adding to the information on the recent history (ie within living memory) of Llangadog. In particular, if you, or someone you know, has memories of individuals who live or have lived in the village during the last 100 years or so, or of buildings that have now vanished or changed in their use, or of significant events, I'd love to hear from you. Please contact me via the messageboard, or by email or pop in to see me at the Post Office (Tuesdays, 10.30am to noon).

Peter Berry

From: J D R Thomas
Date: 4 September 2007
Subject: Where is 'WERNLLIW' Llangadock?

I am trying to trace the whereabouts of 'Wernlliw', Llangadock. This in 1879 was given as the home of William Williams, son of Elizabeth Williams (of Plasnewydd, Gwynfe) when he was Informant (on 29 October 1879) at the registration of the death of his mother - aged 80 years. As far as can be deduced William Williams (born 1836 or 1837) was the youngest son of the said Elizabeth and her husband Morgan Williams (1800-1892). I shall be happy to receive relevant information by e-mail. (Morgan and Elizabeth Williams were Great-Great-Grandparents of mine.)

J D R Thomas (Gresford, formerly of Cardiff and Gwynfe)


Oddiwrth: Guto Prys ap Gwynfor
Dyddiad: 24 Awst 2007
Pwnc: Tai Gerddi

Mewn ymateb i gais Rhian Rees Davies, wedi iddo gael rhyddhad di-amod fel gwrthwynebydd cydwybodol rhag ymuno a'r fyddin yn 1939 fe ddaeth Gwynfor Evans (1912-2005) i fyw yn Wernellin. Codwyd y Tai Gerddi yn 1940 gyda'r bwriad o dyfu tomatos a chnydau eraill. Bu Gwynfor yn rheoli'r Tai Gerddi (oedd yn berchen i gwmni ei dad - Dan Evans a'i Gwmni, Y Barri) hyd nes iddo gael ei ethol yn Aelod Seneddol yn 1966. Parhaodd y Tai Gerddi fel rhan o gwmni Dan Evans hyd ddechrau'r 1980au pan y penderfynwyd ei gau a'i ddatgymalu.

Yr eiddoch yn gywir,
Guto Prys ap Gwynfor


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 19 July 2007
Subject: Square and Compass

Viewers of this site may be interested in the above unused postcard. It shows an area of Llangadog which has been much changed in the last couple of years.The postcard refers to the scene as The Square, Ashfield Row, Llangadock. However, most people of my age, and probably also today know it simply as ‘Square & Compass’ after the public house that was situated there and in the picture I believe is the white fronted building on the left next to the AA box. I don’t know the year that the card was printed, but judging by the motor car pictured, it is probably in the 1920’s. It is difficult to see from the picture whether the car is at a garage, but I can remember a garage at this location that just sold petrol that was run by a very nice lady whose name unfortunately I cannot recall.

Lloyd Evans


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 19 July 2007
Subject: Tywi River

I have recently acquired the above unposted postcard of the ‘Vale of Towy, Llangadock’. I can’t quite picture in my mind where exactly the scene is. However, what is interesting is what is written on the back of the postcard. It states “ The wide part of the river in this picture is the Llangadock Bathing Pool. The hill on the right with the row of fir trees is my favourite resort when on holidays. The land the other side of the river is known as the island and is most likely mentioned in my notes more than once. It is completely surrounded by water. In the foreground is the forest or wood which was cut down about the year 1923 if I am not much mistaken.” There is no clue as to the identity of the writer. In my younger days we swam in a different part of the Tywi in a natural pool at Glanrhyd where the railway crossed the river and which was the scene of a tragedy caused by flooding on 19th October 1987 when the bridge was swept away. I don’t suppose the youngsters of today in Llangadog swim in the rivers anymore

Lloyd Evans


From: Sandie Reed
Date: 8 July 2007
Subject: More Williams Genealogy

I've given up on following other people's genealogy, so would be very interested to find out whether there are any descendants of the Rev William Rees-Davies, Independent Minister, and his wife Rachel, a great aunt, who lived at Mount Pleasant in the 19thC and had so many children it's a wonder he ever found the time to write sermons.

Sandie Reed


From: JDR Thomas
Date: 22 May 2007
Subject: Re Sandie Reed Message of 21st March 2007 (Williams Genealogy)

The Griffiths connection as Minister of Capel Maen and Jerusalem (died 1952) makes no sense, as it was David Jones until 1859, followed by William Thomas 1860-1899, and then GG Williams 1961-1946 (buried at Capel Maen), followed by Ifor Rees 1947- until he later joined the BBC to live at Rhiwbina in Cardiff; Ifor died just a few years ago (post 2002). Re Eunicel Williams; it would have been the then BEM (now MBE) (not OBE) that she was awarded for saving her mother from a fire at Glanrhyd, Gwynfe (near Oaklands, i.e., Deri Bach and also Glanmeilwch). I have a recollection that the award was presented by the then Lord Lieutenant at a special ceremony in Gwynfe. This was around 1950. The house was rebuilt, and Glanrhyd was later sold for a much higher price to take accord of the new house (I recall for approaching £4,000 - expensive for the prices of those days, but now - relative give away!).

J D R Thomas

From: Julie Ann Roberts
Date: 19th May 2007
Subject: Any old shoes?

If you have any old, worn shoes that you can donate to my project please drop them off at The Last (the old cobblers). The shoes are going to be used to create a sculpture that will be displayed at the gallery during August. I cannot return the shoes as they will be damaged during the process of making the sculpture. Thanks.

Thanks, Julie


From: J D R Thomas
Date: 17th May 2007
Subject: Genealogy re Parents of My Paternal Grandmother (Margaret Thomas née Williams 1868-1952)

We start with the marriage of my paternal grandmother’s parents at Jerusalem Chapel, (Gwynfe) Llangadock on 24th March 1855 of DAVID WILLIAMS (22 years) of Plasnewydd, Gwynfe (son of Morgan Williams, 1800-1892, whose photograph at age 91, endorsed ‘My uncle at age 91 – JOHN WILLIAMS’, is in the Sir John Williams collection at the National Library of Wales) to ANNE JAMES (28 years) of Waunhen (Gwynfe) (daughter of James Vaughan); witnesses were Morgan Thomas and Joseph Evans.

I am keen to source and/or to receive information on (i) the above ANNE JAMES (my great grandmother), and (ii) the wife, i.e., MARGARET WILLIAMS née ????, 1800- post 1871, of the above MORGAN WILLIAMS (Margaret being a great-great grandmother to me) who both lived at Plasnewydd, Gwynfe for the censuses of 1841 to 1871 (Morgan Williams 1800-1892 – my great x2 grandfather was a son of Morgan Williams 1752-1831 and Elizabeth née Davies 1777-1850; at the 1881 census he was at his birthplace home of Blaenllynant, Gwynfe. [In 1881 Blaenllynant was home to Nathaniel Williams (younger brother of Sir John Williams, both being nephews of Morgan Williams 1800-1892) and of his wife Elizabeth and of his and Sir John’s mother, Eleanor Williams].

(i) ANNE WILLIAMS (née JAMES). According to the censuses of 1841 (at Cwmsite, Gwynfe) and 1891 (at Abergwenllan, Gwynfe) Anne was born in the Parish of Pencarreg. My father once recalled to me that ANNE – his maternal grandmother was a niece to Madagasgar Missionary, David Griffiths of Glanmeilwch (Gwynfe), as daughter of DG’s sister. Of the siblings of David Griffiths I have yet to trace the name of this sister (but I have an inkling that it was JANE GRIFFITHS), as she was not included in the Wills of her parents – having presumably been married before her father’s Will of 1826 and had died before her mother’s Will of 1858. Her name eludes me in baptismal records for around 1806 (and also for around 1794) as possible date of birth of this ‘missing’ sibling. Is there anyone who has information on the baptism of ANNE’s mother (DG’s sister), or of the marriage of ANNE’s mother to Vaughan James (or James Vaughan), or to the baptism of ANNE JAMES (giving parent’s names) – maybe at Pencarreg or vicinity? Any information will be much appreciated.

(ii) MARGARET WILLIAMS (née ????) (1800-post 1871). Margaret was in the Censuses of 1841 to 1871 for Plasnewydd, Gwynfe (now in ruins – and those of Clun are close by at the entrance to the Felin) near Pencrug, Gwynfe) as the wife of MORGAN WILLIAMS (1800-1892). Would anyone be able to help with marriage details of this couple, so that I can trace the maiden name (and abode) of MARGARET, or maybe of any other hint of details of this - a Great Great Grandmother of mine?

Yours is an interesting website. The information in the above request will at least add a little to knowledge of the locality.

Pob hwyl,


From: Alison Saunders
Date: 17th April 2007
Subject: Can you help re-house our cats?

I am very keen to re-house three neutered female cats from the same litter by the end of April as we are moving into temporary rented accommodation and cannot take them with us.

Please would you contact us if you can help?

Many thanks,
Alison and Paul Saunders
01558 668 394 (eve)
07799 034487 (daytime)


From: Sally Evans
Date: 16th April 2007
Subject: Dewi House

Can someone please tell me roughly how old Dewi House is? We believe it is Georgian but any more clarification would be welcome.

Many thanks,
Sally Evans


From: Stephen R Foster
Date: 7th April 2007
Subject: Ann Enoch

I was a young engineer working In Llangadog in 1964 when the sewage system was being installed. I stayed with an American family who where the landlords of the Black Lion at that time. Does anyone know their whereabouts ?

In addition does anyone know the whereabouts of Ann Enoch, she was the daughter of the egg and butter merchant in the village.

I am now retired and live in Central America but look back happily on my days in Llangadog, your web site is wonderful.

Stephen R Foster


From: Sandie Reed
Date: 21st March 2007
Subject: Williams Genealogy

I am a descendant of William (b1815) and Rachel Williams, who farmed at Pant-y-clogau,then Newfoundland, so have been zooming around cyberspace collecting relatives. I also pick up questions from other searchers so wondered if anyone can answer a query for a New Zealand contact who sent the following:

Looking for relations of Glyn Griffiths and Mary Ann Williams. Minister of two chapels at Capel Maen and Jerusalem. Glyn died 1952 aged 77. Also Eunice Williams who was awarded the OBE when she saved her mother when fire destroyed her farmhouse at Gwynfe.

Another contact had ancestors farming at Ty Coch and wondered where it was and if it is still standing. I have scoured my OS map but can't locate it.

If anyone can help either of them, please contact me via the message board.


From: Gordon A. Jones
Date: 5th March 2007
Subject: Historical Photographs of Llangadog

A great new year to all in lovely Llangadog. We were able to call back last October to have a drink in the Castle [I was playing darts there the night Elvis died!!!], call in and say hello to Richard Morgan [he never changes – still as young], Den Edwards cobbler workshop and look at my grandparents old house/shop in Queen’s Square [W.J & May Gravelle]. All brought back very happy childhood and youth memories.

In your photo of the “Gravell” Choir” I can see clearly my grandfather W.J. and my mother. Please note there is an E at the end of Gravelle. The very clear photo of a class from Llangadog school on your message board is also giving me happy memories of some of my friends from that time. The boy in the middle of the middle row is Gordon Evans. I especially remember him as a very promising rugby player, even identified by Carwyn James.

Best wishes to you all in Llangadog and thanks for the memories [a good idea for a song???]

Gordon Arthen Jones


From: Rhian Davies Rees
Date: 3rd March 2007
Subject: Glass Houses, Bethlehem Road, Llangadog

Having recently moved into a house where the old glass houses were situated in Llangadog (Bethlehem Road). Im interested to know if anyone has and photos of the Glass houses on the field.

I'd also be grateful of any other information/history as to the duration of the Glass houses.

Rhian Davies Rees


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 26th February 2007
Subject: Film Shows

It was interesting to to read that film shows are to be shown at the community centre in the village. This brings back memories of film nights at the old village hall in the 1950's and 1960's. The village hall was known to all in those days as the 'YM'. Films were shown every Friday night and were put on by a man and wife team who I believe came from the Aberaeron area. Those Friday nights were very popular with the old 'YM' being packed every time mostly with youngsters from the village and beyond. One drawback I remember with the old hall was the fact that it had a corrugated iron roof which meant that if it was raining heavily you couldn't hear the film properly! Another memory is again if it was raining, experience taught you where it was best to sit as the roof leaked also had numerous leaks. I'm sure other residents of the village of a certain vintage have fond memories of film nights at the old 'YM'.

Lloyd Evans


From: Ruth Gravelle
Date: 19th February 2007
Subject: Gravelle family

I came across Gordon Arthen Jones’ message by chance on this website and from his description it appears that his grandfather WJ Gravell(e) (William John 1890, music teacher) is my grandfather Albert Charles Gravell(e)’s (1895-1959) brother. My sister Jane is producing an extensive family tree of the Pembrey Gravell(e)s. If Gordon or any other relatives would like to have a copy or get in touch please feel free to contact me at

with good wishes
Ruth Gravelle


From: Alun Pritchard
Date: 25th December 2006
Subject: Llangadog School Photograph

The school picture from Lloyd Evans shown on your website is definitely not 1957, as my father, the headmaster, Gwilym Pritchard moved to Wrexham in the summer of 1956. Unfortunately I can’t add any names but the class is definitely not Standard 5 in 1954, 1955 or 1956 (as either my sister or myself would have featured) and is most likely to be Miss Julia Jones’ pupils of whatever year it was taken.

Take care,
Alun Pritchard


From: Mr and Mrs Wood
Date: 23rd December 2006
Subject: Mail

Good news regarding our mail...posted 7th of December first class from Bethlehem post office....stamped on the 14th of December... first card to arrive was at my parents house in pontypridd on December 20th, next our daughter in Swansea on the 21st by the end of the year hopefully they will all arrive. First class service or what !!!!!

from Mr and Mrs Wood


From: Julie Nicolson
Date: 20th December 2006
Subject: Nadolig Llawen

I would like to use your excellent website to say "Nadolig Llawen" to everyone I know in the village and also those who now live elsewhere, but visit the website. It's lovely to read the message board and to see the beautiful photos of our lovely village, particularly the Sawdde glistening in the sun.

Diolch yn fawr am greu gwefan mor ddiddorol ac yn llawn gwybodaeth defnyddiol.

Julie Nicolson (Davies -Rhydyfro)


From: Mrs GR Wood
Date: 16th December 2006
Subject: Christmas Card Franking

I would like to say how delighted I and my husband was to make the journey to Bethlehem Post Office to have our Christmas cards franked. A delightful postmaster helped place 32 first class stamps on our cards + cards abroad and a parcel.Travelling a distance of a 20 mile round trip to do this to surprise our family and friends, but to my dismay after spending nearly £14 on postage on the 7th of December not one of the cards have been received, today is the 16th of December. I would like to know where is all my mail, my family and friends have sent me cards do they think that I have ignored them, I paid for a 1st class service as many may not know they do not allow you to place a 2nd class stamp on Christmas cards to have a franking on them of Bethlehem village. I am dissappointed and angry never again. And also nobody from the Royal Mail has got in touch with me after I have sent them an e.mail regarding this matter. Thanks Royal Mail thank you Bethlehem Village too that was my first and last visit.

Mrs G R Wood


From: Rosemary Adams
Date: 10th December 2006
Subject: Seeking lost aunt

I think my Aunt, Barbara Marshal lives in Llangadog. If you know her would you ask her to email me at the address below.



From: JDR Thomas
Date: 3rd December 2006
Subject: Lost Mansion

Re the request by Nicola Russell of 07 July 2006 of what ssems to be Dan yr Allt Mansion Llangadog. This was the mansion of the Peel Estate with lands in Llangadog and into Llanddeusant. The Llangadog Small-holdings were made up from some of these lands in the 1920s (Bronallt, Bryngwyn, Ynysmoch, etc. Danyrallt Mansion went on fire sometime between 1940 and 1943. The Stables were at the entrance near Square and Compass on the A40 (A483) and for a while in the 1950s to 1960s were sued for commercial growing of mushrooms.



From: JDR Thomas
Date: 3rd December 2006
Subject: Llwynywormwood

It's interesting that Llwynywormwood now crops up frequently. It seems to have originally been an estate of nearly for thousand acres. Passing alongside the buildings is the stream of Madog, downstream of which lay the farm of Nantmadog which after 1850 was renamed Cefntelych and still exists as such (but with a now abandoned farmhouse from after the 1960s with a bungalow now being the residence). My late father's paternal grandmother (Elizabeth Thomas - nee Thomas) was brought up at Nantmadog - it presumably then being of the Llwynwormood Estate - it was later farmed by bailiffs.



From: Mike Phillips
Date: 23rd November 2006
Subject: Llwynywormwood


I am wondering if anyone has any pictures of the village or anything related as my father in law (now deceased) lived in Myddfai. His name was Issac Joseph Davies born 16.08.1898. Much of his life detail is now missing but he lived in Llwynwormwood mansion along with his Mother Letticia and 2 brothers. I believe she was either the Housekeeper or Caretaker. His father had died when he was at a very early age. As a young boy Issac was apprenticed to a Grocer somewhere in the Area. I have failed to gather any detail from the 1901 census though in one place picked up an entry for an Issac Jospeth Davies shown as born Sept. 1898 and recorded at Llandovery. This may or not be the same person. I know he was friendly with a D.T Lewis having taken him to School when he started. I believe he was in Farming and in the late forties and early fifties Issac used to visit the farm with his wife and Daughter (my wife). I am obviously trying to continue to seek information from other sources but if you are able to provide anything else my Wife would be delighted. We would of course be prepared to cover any reasonable cost involved. We now live in a small village in Cambridgeshire.

Mike Phillips


From: A.Gilmour
Date: 21st November 2006
Subject: Bethlehem Post Office

I have said for years that I will travel to Bethlehem to get my Chrsitmas Cards franked. Can you tell me the opening times for the post office and where it is located?

Many thanks - A.Gilmour


From: Allison Scott
Date: 18th November 2006
Subject: Post Office

Congratulatons to Wyn and Richard on thier win at the 2006 National Post Offices not sure of the catagory but im sure there will be more 'well dones' to come...

Allison, James and Samuel Scott,
Great House.


From: Val Hampton
Date: 17th October 2006
Subject: Ancestors in Bethlehem/Gwynfe

My father's family came from Bethlehem/Gwynfe. Thomas Rees Davies lived in Ty Coch farm, and the family were there from 1776-1856. So far we cannot track Ty Coch farm down. We have visited the area many times,(our daughter lives in Milo a few miles away) however nobody seems to know of or remember the farm. Thomas Rees had Ann, Mary, Joyce, John(my Ggrandad) Morgan, David and Rees. My grandad Mansel Bernard Davies was John's son. Does anyone know anything about this branch of the Davies family? We would be very grateful for the smallest bit of information.

Val Hampton


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 15th October 2006
Subject: Sardis Chapel

With reference to Ms. Issacs' query re Sardis chapel. I to have been trying to trace the records from the chapel as my great grandfather's family whilst being the miller at Glansevin Mill,were members of Sardis chapel. The chapel was situated close to Glansevin Mill but unfortunately it was demolished in 1961 and the records appear to have disappeared.A prominent son of Myddfai, Mr. David B James has written an excellent book on the history of Myddfai in which he traces the history of Sardis chapel. I believe the book is now out of print but maybe available in reference libraries. The book is called 'Myddfai its Land and Peoples' and the ISBN NUMBER IS 0-9517470-0-2. I hope this information is of some assistance.

Lloyd Evans


From: Gwen Issac
Date: 15th October 2006
Subject: Bethlehem Independent Chapel


I have come upon your lovely website and much enjoyed it. I am in the USA and doing some family history research. I have some reason to believe that my grgrgrandfather may have been christened at either Bethlehem Chapel or Sardis (Mothvey) Chapel but am having difficulty determining if christening records exist for either chapel. I have come across this quote while searching: "according to source book the chapel (Bethlehem) records are said to be with those of Sardis (Mothvey) but no known extant records for the latter unless still with that chapel". Would anyone happen to have any further information regarding the existence of christening records for either Bethlehem or Sardis Independent Chapels? Any information would be much appreciated.

Gwen Isaac


From: Eifion Jones
Date: 10th October 2006
Subject: Cwrwaun

Dear Donald

I actually live on a plot from the farm of cwrwaun and it still exists. I remember Mr and Mrs Striud living there and their daughter still lives there Sian. If I can help you in any way please e-mail me.

Eifion Jones


From: Donald Lewis
Date: 7th October 2006
Subject: Cwrywain

I am an American who has not yet had the pleasure to visit your town.

My great-great grandfather, Thomas Rees Davies, was born in your town on April 7, 1842. His birth records show that he was born at "Cwrywain, Parish of Llangadoch," and that his father, William Davies, was from "Cwrywain."

I have been unable to find any traces of "Cwrywain," much less any explanation of eactly what it was, where it was and whether it continues to exist. Can anyone help me?

You have a wonderful website and I hope to see your town first-hand before many more years. I wonder if anyone out there is related to these Davies, who later moved to Merthyr Tydfil, before Thomas came to Pennsylvania in the 1860's.

Many thanks.

Donald Lewis


From: Berwyn Prys Jones
Date: 15th August 2006
Subject: Dosbarth Julia Jones a Thomas Brothers Llangadog

Gan fod rhywun eisoes wedi cynnwys llun o un o ddosbarthiadau Miss Julia Jones, dyma anfon un arall gan obeithio y bydd o ddiddordeb. 1957 neu 1958 yw'r dyddiad, os cofia i'n iawn.

Yn y rhes gefn, Miss Jones, David Bailey, David Lewis (mab y prifathro ar y pryd, a saer yn Rhufain y tro dwetha i mi glywed sôn amdano), a Neville. Yn y rhes ganol, fi, Nigel, Gordon Bevan, Duncan a Malcolm (?). Yn y rhes flaen, Blodwen, ?, ?, Helen Jones, Helen Roderick a Gwenda Slaymaker (sydd bellach yng Nghaerdydd, mae'n debyg). Symudodd Dai a fi ymlaen i ddosbarth uwch a gynhwysai Meinir Evans, Nia Dolben (sydd bellach yn bennaeth ar Rhoslyn, fy mrawd ifancaf, yng Nghyngor Gwynedd), Anne Hall, Havard Wyn Jones (y Cynghorydd) a Peter Nitsch.

Y cyd-ddigwyddiad rhyfeddaf yw ein bod ni'n arfer mynd i'r un capel yn Wrecsam â'r hyfryd Siân Owen (fel yr oedd hi bryd hynny) sydd bellach yn brifathrawes Ysgol Llangadog ...

Byddai Rhodri, fy mrawd, a minne'n arfer teithio i Ysgol Llanymddyfri ar fysus Thomas Llangadog. Rwy'n credu mai'r ddau frawd Gareth ac Ieuan oedd yn rhedeg y cwmni bryd hynny. Os oes ganddyn nhw neu unrhyw un arall luniau o'u bysus, byddwn i'n falch iawn o'u gweld. Prynais lun o'r coach â'r rhif cofrestru CEK yma yng Nghaerdydd yn ddiweddar ... Rwy'n cofio gweld Leyland Comet o eiddo'r cwmni mewn sied yn ymyl y ffordd i lawr o'r Mynydd Du flynyddoedd yn ôl, ond wn i ddim beth oedd ei rif - nac ychwaith rif y coach newydd sbon a aeth â ni i'r ysgol un bore ym 1960 ac a oedd â blodau mewn dysgl blastig yn y ffrynt. Pert iawn!

Pob hwyl

Berwyn Prys Jones
Rhiwbeina, Caerdydd

From: Heather Davies
Date: 4th August 2006
Subject: Lovely Site

Firstly may I congratulate you on your site - wonderful.

We originate from Gwynfe - I always had the feeling of being at-home whenever I was there and I always wondered why I had such a love for the Horse and why my heart was always on a farm, even though I was bought up in London, anyway the following info might be useful to someone who may be researching their family history.

My great, great, great, great grandfather was Thomas born in 1791(?) who married Elizabeth Williams born in 1795. They had eight children by the names of: Mary born 1813, Anne born 1816, Thomas born 1821, Evan born 1826, Elizabeth born 1828, John born 1830, William born 1832 and (Phew they were busy in those days!) Gwenllian born 1837.

Mary married John Jones (Ty Cwrdd - Gwynfe in 1832).

The above also reproduced (LOL) and made: Margaret born 1833, Mary Anne born 1837, Thomas born 1845 (he married Elizabeth Thomas), Eleanor born 30/8/1848, Elizabeth born 1852.

Eleanor married William Williams ( born 1845 died 1919 - Gwilym (?)) this marriage took place in 1868. We think Eleanor died 25/9/1914.

Elizabeth married a William Hicks - we can record only one child (they were sluggish!) whose name was William (Willie Peter (?).

I can go on from there so if anyone would like any further info please email me at:

I must visit soon, I live in Mumbles now.

Heather x

From: Eifion Jones
Date: 26th July 2006
Subject: Llangadog Show

With regards to entries for Llangadog Show. Try phoning Gillian Carpenter on 01550720362. She is the admin secretary.


PS I will be doing the Dog Show on the day


From: Sue Crimes
Date: 26th July 2006
Subject: Llangadog Show


I hope someone can help me, I have a couple friends that are interested in taking part in the Llangadog show and we don't know who to contact regarding entry forms and schedules etc.

Can someone possibly help me with a contact name/number?

Many thanks,

Sue Crimes


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 19th July 2006
Subject: Llangadog Primary 1957

Can anybody in Llangadog and beyond help me by putting the missing names to the attached photograph of staff and pupils at Llangadog school in I believe 1957. So far the names I can put to it are on the left the headteacher Mr. Pritchard and Miss. Julia Jones teacher on the right.
Back row Clive Hall, Alan Bailey, Guto Evans, myself ? ? ?
Second row ? Gwynfor Davies (Backo) Dai Walters, Russell Golden ? ? Ronnie Nitsch.
Front row ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Lloyd Evans


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 19th July 2006
Subject: Llangadog Banks

With reference to the 'History' page and the reference to the banks in Llangadog. In addition to the banks mentioned at the Carpenters and at Morgan the Tailor's there was also a Midland Bank at Great House as the picture below shows which was taken in the early 1960's.I can recall the bank being open on mart days and Jack 'Brynglas' being employed as a guard for the bank. Jack's duties as I recall used to consist of sitting in a large chair in the hallway of Great House ushering people into the bank which was held in the front room of Great House and as a child my job school permitting was to keep Jack happy with copious cups of tea.

Lloyd Evans


From: Huw Parsons
Date: 18th July 2006
Subject: Llangadog Website

Great web-site and a joy to read. Congratulations to the people who put this together.

My father Neville Parsons was raised in Llangadog in the 1920's and 30's. Lived looking out over the common and his mother Lizzie Parsons lived in "The Plas" towards the end of her life. Neville moved the Shrewsbury to work with the Post Office. His elder brother Raymond also from Llangadog moved via various locations to be Post Master of Church Stretton in Shropshire. Both gentlemen sadly no longer with us.

I have memories of hot summers in Llangadog in the 1960's staying with my grandmother playing in the river Sawdde for hours on end. It never rained! (honestly)

Pass through as often as I can to re-charge the memories.

Best Regards, Huw Parsons

From: Nicola Russell
Date: 7th July 2006
Subject: Search for lost mansion

Regarding my previous request for information on above subject, many thanks to Mr Lloyd Evans, I have managed to find a copy in my local reference library at Llanelli, but have been unable to identify the mansion I remember from the photographs in Thomas Lloyd’s book The Lost Houses Of Wales, however I did discover with interest that Dan -Yr-Allt mansion was used as a school at some time and fell victim to a fire, which I believe occurred after world war 2, Mr Lloyd Evans mentioned Dan –yr Allt as being the house that first came to mind but on reflection says this seems improbable, although there are no remains of the mansion now, were the ruins of this house still remaining in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s ?If there is any local knowledge on the subject I would be most interested. I’ve yet to positively identify this intriguing place and may never do so, but have enjoyed visiting the beautiful Llangadog countryside and Thomas Lloyd’s book has been a very interesting read.

Nicola Russell


From: Ronald John Saunders
Date: 5th July 2006
Subject: Bridges of Carmarthenshire

Am researching into the Bridges of Carmarthenshire for a lecture to be given by a colleague and would appreciate any info/photos/.reminiscences/etc about local bridges such as snippets about the Glanrhyd Rail Disaster. Any photocopies etc please invoice. Any photos safely scanned and returned.

Thanking you in anticipation for your help.

Ronald John Saunders


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 3rd July 2006
Subject: Lost Mansion

With reference to the query from Nicola Russell re the lost mansion, my first thought was that she could be referring to Dan-yr Allt on the outskirts of Llangadog but on reflection this seems improbable.

The best course of action would be to visit her local library and try to obtain a copy of a book called 'The Lost Houses of Wales' by Thomas Lloyd. The ISBN no. is 0 905978 27 7. Hope this information is of some help.

Lloyd Evans


From: Nicola Russell
Date: 3rd July 2006
Subject: Search for lost mansion

In my teenage years during the early 1980's on a bank holiday, we were driving in the towey valley and came across a derelict mansion house, we had spotted what appeared to be a small building near the road which was covered in ivy and very overgrown, and looked as if it were sinking into the ground, we stopped the car and got out to explore and came across a driveway which led to this mansion house, it was obscured from view from the road by trees, the mansion was empty and looked derelict or at least unhabitable, there appeared to be stables or some kind of courtyard to the rear and towards the front to the side of the building there were outbuildins , and if my memory serves me correctly in these buildins there were toilets. We thought that maybe it had been used as a school .iAt the front of the mansion were two sets of windows to the groud floor either side of the main enterance and peering through these windows the floor had either rotted away or the property was victim to a fire of some sort, but definately not safe to enter, we returned to the car and I remember that we called in the cresselly arms and had chicken in a basket later, I have always been intrigued to the location of this mansion and it's identity, I would be very interested to learn some of it's history and what happened to it, but because I was unsure where we were at the time it's been very difficult to locate, and I believe that there were many mansion house around this area near Llandeilo and the towey valley, so It may be possible that it has since been demolished, I recently came across a mansion called Plas Glansevin which I think may be the lost mansion I seek as the landscape surrounding it seem familiar, if anyone could enlighten me as to the identity of the house I refer to particularly the little building that was sinking into the ground all overgrown etc at the enterance to this house then I would be most greatful.

Nicola Russell


From: Elizabeth Seddon
Date: 1st July 2006
Subject: Gravelle Family

Thank you Arthur Jones for your response to my enquiry about the Gravelles. I look forward to hearing more from you and would be happy to exchange information about the family.

Elizabeth Seddon

From: Gordon A Jones
Date: 28th June 2006
Subject: Gravelle Family reply

Replying to the “archivist” about the Gravelle Family in Llangadog. I know that my Grandfather [W. J. Gravelle] moved to Llangadog from the Burryport area and that the family was spread around this area, and probably still is, including Llanelli. I also believe that the family name was originally Gravell. I will ask my brother Hugh and my mother Mair for more information. W. J. Gravelle and his wife May [nee Morgan] had two children [Mair & Huw] while they owned and ran the village shop at Queen’s Square in Llangadog. Very sadly my uncle Huw [Dr I. H. Gravelle] recently passed away and is greatly missed by all who knew him.

Gordon Arthen Jones

From: Dorothy Harries
Date: 12th June 2006
Subject: 'Lady Peace'

Here in Sydney, Australia we were thrilled to see the photographs of the "Lady Peace" landing in Llangadog, of all places! We are old enough to remember how the mere sight of a plane in the Welsh sky was a cause for excitement, but to have one landing in one's back garden, and one from America at that, on its way around the world, must have been really sensational.

We read all about it on the website, which we like to read because my sister, Connie Jones (Nain y Siop Papur) and my niece Win Morgan and her family all live in Llangadog. When we return to Britain every year, we always come to Llangadog on holiday.

Lle braf ofnadw - I was brought up a Gog so my Welsh is not of the De variety and is also rather sparse.

Diolch i chi gyd.
Dorothy Harries a'r gwr Owen Harries (o Garnant)


From: Elizabeth Seddon
Date: 29th May 2006
Subject: Gravelle family in Llangadog

I came across this website by chance and was surprised to find a reference to the Gravelle family in the messages from Hugh and Gordon Jones. I am researching my mother's Gravell/Gravelle/Greville family from the Kidwelly area and should be grateful for any information Messrs Jones may have about the history of their branch of the family. I hope this request will not be seen as inappropriate.

Elizabeth Seddon


From: Hugh Davies
Date: 26th May 2006
Subject: Llangadog website

I am sure that you don't fully appreciate what you have until you no longer have it and I certainly feel that way about my home village Llangadog. I was raised in Rhydyfro and spent my first 19 years in this rural idyll. Living and working in the South East of England I often open the home web page and as soon as I see the Sawdde shimmering I am rushed home to a better quality of life.

The website is a fantastic addition to us Llangadog expats - thanks to all concerned.

Huw Davies
(ex 8 Rhydyfro)

From: Terry Williams
Date: 23rd May 2006
Subject: Aircraft 'Lady Peace' in Llangadog

The aircraft Lady Peace

The pilots of Lady Peace

I have just found your website and I enclose a photograph 'unearthed' a few years ago from a box of old photographs belonging to my parents who died in 1978. I live in Reading and the photographs have been in my loft since we cleared out and sold the family home in Swansea, South Wales in 1979. As part of my retirement activities I have been sorting through and cataloguing these photos and I was intrigued by this one, which had no labelling but I was able to identify myself (Terry Williams) my brother (Mike Williams) and mother (Winifred Williams) in the photo - mother just left of centre, seated with wide brimmed dark hat, myself on her lap, and my brother seated in front of woman with white hat.

My parents lived in Llangadog, Carmarthenshire, from about 1930 to 1939 at Dan Yr Ysgol, on the corner of Vicarage Road and Walters Road. The house is now called Brodawel. My father (Vic Williams) was Welsh and a railway signalman. My mother was English from Bristol. My brother and I were born in the village (1932 and 1935 respectively). In 1939 my father was called up and we moved to Llandeilo. following Dunkirk my father was discharged and continued working on the railway, GWR and then BR, working signal boxes in Llandeilo, Ffairfach and along the Towy valley. In 1944 we moved to Swansea where he was senior signalman at Swansea High Street until his retirement in 1961.

On coming across this photograph I took it with me when we next visited the area - we frequently take holidays at Abermarlais. Enquiries in the village indicated that the local shoe repairer was a local historian - Dennis Edwards, still in business at the age of about 83. He did in fact have knowledge of this event and also remembered my parents. Unfortunately he died last year.

The story he was able to relate was fascinating, especially as it took place in a very rural area and obviously I was there but had no recollection of the event. The aircraft Lady Peace, having run out of fuel, landed near the village of Llangadog, Carmarthenshire, West Wales after a transatlantic crossing in 1936. Mr Edwards could remember villagers carrying fuel in cans a mile from the village to the aircraft, and field hedges being cut down to enable take off. Before leaving, the crew agreed to a group photograph with the aircraft and practically all the village turned out. He remembered the names of Dick Merrill/Harry Richman . He could also recognise many people in the photograph, many still living in the village!

Some other related articles found on the web are:

From: "Historic Floyd Bennett Field" in Brooklyn, NY:

9/2-3/36 - Attempted Round-trip Flight to London.
Harry Richman and Richard T. Merrill flew an Airplane Development Vultee named "Lady Peace", powered by a Wright Cyclone engine, from FBF to Llwyncelny, Wales, in 18:38 hours on an attempted round-trip flight to London, England.


1. 'Llwyncelyn' is I think the name of the farm, near to where the Little Chef used to be on the A40.

2. A sole survivior of the aircraft type is in the Science Museum of Virginia USA. I also enclose some extracts of information from this museum internet site and I have also sent a copy of the photograph I have to the museum.

3. I'm not sure where the captioned photo came from - it may have been from my trawl of the web regarding this event. Note this photograph has a Welsh caption with English version, and mentions the town of LLandeilo- this town is about 5 miles from where the plane landed. Presumably everyone wanted to make a claim to 'our' aircraft and event.

Extracts from

September 1936 -- The first transatlantic round-trip airplane flight, originating in the United States, is made by Richard Merrill and Harry Richman flying the Lady Peace. Their journey began at Floyd Bennett field in New York on September 2. They were forced to land at Llwyncelyn, Carmarthenshine, Wales the next day. The return flight departed from Southport, England and ended in a crash-landing at Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada.

In its day, the Vultee was one of the most advanced of the single engine airline monoplanes. It was designed by one of the best known aircraft designers, Gerald Vultee, and manufactured at the Aviation Manufacturing Corporation, Vultee Division, in Downey, Calif. This particular aircraft has a history all its own. Completed in December 1936, it was delivered to its first owner, William Randolph Hearst Sr., one of the country's most successful newspaper barons. This was the only V-1A to leave the factory with a 1,000 hp Wright (Cyclone) R-1850 radial engine. Hearst sold it to a semi-military airline in Panama in 1939, where it sustained quite a bit of damage. After the war it had a number of owners and jobs, the last one hauling live monkeys from Central America to California. Finally ending up in Pueblo, Colo., in the late 1950s, it was completely restored by Harold Johnston. Painted and named the Lady Peace II, it commemorates Capt. Dick Merrill and actor Harry Richman's record trans-Atlantic double crossing in 1936. Carole Lombard and Clark Gable are rumored to have flown in this remarkable airplane. This is the only example of the Vultee V1-A remaining in the world. (Serial #25) S

If anybody has more information on these photographs I would be interested to hear from them. Dennis Edwards was able to identify some still living in the village.


Terry Williams


From: Andrew Williams
Date: 6th May 2006
Subject: St Cadog

An article by Rhobert ap Steffan about St Cadog in Brittany has been added to the History section. You can view it by clicking here.


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 30th Apr 2006
Subject: Historic Car

First car in Llangadog

Villagers of Llangadog may find the photograph of interest. I believe that it shows the first car in Llangadog and one of the first in Carmarthenshire. It was owned by the then village doctor a Dr. Hopkins who is pictured seated behind the steering wheel. Alongside him is my grandfather Morgan Jones who was employed by Dr. Hopkins as his chauffer as Dr. Hopkins couldn't drive. The photo was taken in the courtyard of the Red Lion.
Lloyd Evans


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 30th Apr 2006
Subject: Bosworth Stone photo

Bosworth Stone

Further to the entries below from Deborah Bates and myself regarding the 'Bosworth Stone', on a recent visit to Llangadog I took a photograph of the stone which I attach for the information of people not aware of its location.
Lloyd Evans


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 5th Apr 2006
Subject: Bosworth Stone

I am well aware of the existence of the 'Bosworth Stone', As a child together with other youngsters, I used to go to the grounds of Abermarlais Mansion. The stone used to stand on the right hand side of the road leading to the house from the main A40 on the approach from the direction of Llangadog. The stone was about 6ft high and had a circumference of about 10ft. The last time I passed that way the whole scene was much altered since my childhood days and I did not see the stone. Perhaps the owners of the caravan park now on the Abermarlais estate may be able to help as to its present location. As far as I am aware the 'Bosworth Stone' had no historical facts to support the story.
Lloyd Evans


From: Deborah Bates
Date: 4th Apr 2006
Subject: Standing Stone, Abermarlais

I am a guide at Bosworth Battlefield (22 Aug 1485), and we have been advised that Sir Rhys Ap Thomas dragged the stone home in celebration of Henry's victory on the field! I have been asked to reseach the story, and am having lots of fun finding out about the local area, but am not finding out much about the stone! Can anyone help with local legend, history or geology!

Deborah Bates C/O

From: Nansi Evans
Date: 17th Feb 2006
Subject: Neges o Awstralia

Wel Llangadog, nawr rydych chi yn bendant ar map y byd! Llongyfarchion ar greu wefan arbennig. Tydy technoleg yn gret?! Ffordd ffantastig i gyn-trigolion Llangadog a'r ardal gadw cysylltiad efo'r lle, ble bynnag y maent!

Rhaid i mi nodi, neithiwr welais bry' copyn 'huntsman' yn cerdded i fyny'r ffenest, a oedd yn fwy o faint na fy mys! Rwy'n falch IAWN y byddaf yn dychwelyd i ardal mor brydferth, sydd heb drafferthion corynnod

Cofion cynnes,
Nansi Evans (Cwch Gwenyn)
Am y tro yn Melbourne, Awstralia

From: Hugh Jones
Date: 11th Feb 2006
Subject: Lovers' Lane et al

First of all, may I send warm greetings through your excellent website to Lloyd Evans in particular and anyone else who may remember me (Hugh) and my brother (Gordon) who spent all our summers in the fifties and early sixties with our grandparents May and W J Gravelle in Queen's Square. I remember Lloyd and his brother very well.

My mother, Mair, who is now 81 and lives in Sunderland has two possible answers for Lloyd's query about Lover's Lane. The first is Llwyndewi Lane going right a few yards after the Bran Bridge as you go towards the station. The second (which, I think, is less likely, is the footpath opposite the Baptist Chapel in "Back Way" (never learned the official name). This footpath ends up on the common, of course.

The older generation will remember mamgu's village shop and also the choir that tadcu conducted in Llangadog. The choir photo on your historical pages shows Mair in the middle of the front row holding her violin and W J immediately behind her. I'm sure mamgu* must be there but I can't make her out

My great grandfather, J F Morgan was headmaster of Llangadog school well into the 20s and I am trying to get mum to find some photos which may be of interest for the school's website including one of her attending which she did from the age of one.

Having been brought up in Scotland and worked much of my life in England, I have now returned to Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau - Ystrad Meurig, Ceredigion

[Update: mum has identified herself as fifth from the right, second row, in the Den Edwards school photo (Historic Photographs) and mamgu*, May Gravelle (sic) , is probably fourth from the right, second row, in the Gravell(e) Choir photo]

Hugh Jones (mab Mair Gravelle, Queen's Square)


From: Gordon Jones [grandson of WJ & May Gravelle]
Date: 8th Feb 2006
Subject: Happy Memories

Some lovely photos take me back to my very happy summers in the late 50s and early 60s with Lloyd and Gordon Evans, Dai and John Walters, talking to the awesome Den Edwards in his workshop, preparing the bells for Sunday morning Church with Toby Price, Dr Walter's vintage Rolls Royces, mini coopers, many dogs and Vicky the vixen, working in the glass houses under the very watchful and caring eyes of Bertie Williams. Days that molded my future life up here in the Pennine Hills of Upper Teesdale.



From: Daniel Lloyd Evans
Date: 2nd Feb 2006
Subject: Historical Items

As an expatriate Llangadog boy, I have over the years collected items with a Llangadog connection. I have recently acquired the attached post card of 'Lovers' Lane Llangadock -see below. I have no idea where this is. Can any resident of Llangadog enlighten me? The card was posted in 1905 and was specially made for Morgan Bros. of Llangadock.

I have also acquired a Victorian souvenier mug inscribed 'A Present from Llangadock' which you may find interesting.

Viewing this site certainly heightens the sense of 'Hiraeth'. Keep up the high standards.

Cofion cynnes i pawb yn y pentre.
Lloyd Evans ( Great House llawer dydd ).

Lovers' Lane postcard

Llangadog mug
Llangadog mug


From: Rhiannon Scott
Date: 30th January 2006
Subject: Cyfarfod Agored Balchder Bro/Balchder Bro Open Meeting

Mi fydd na gyfarfod Balchder Bro yn Ysgol Llangadog 8fed Chwefror am 8yh. Mae'r croeso cynnes i bawb ac fydd na siawns i weld gwefan y pentref ar y sgrin fawr cyn sgwrs am dyfodol y wefan. Bydd bwyd a diod i'w gael.

There will be a Balchder Bro meeting in the Village School at 8pm on February 8th. All are welcome and there will be a chance to see the village website on a big screen before a dicussion regarding th future of the website. Light refreshments will be available.


From: Julie Roberts
Date: 24th January 2006

How does your garden grow? 5-7 year olds, Tuesday 21st February 2006, 11am-12pm. £4/£conc. Come along and create your very own model garden, using soil , cress seeds, cotton wool and many other wonderful recycled materials.

Animal Masks. 7-9 year olds, Tuesday 21st February 2006, 1pm-2.30pm. £5/£4 conc. Choose your favourite animal and using a variety of materials create a mask to wear to a party or to play with at home.

It's just an illusion. 7-11 year olds, Wednesday 22nd February 2006, 10.30am-12pm. £5/£4 conc. Using two pictures with opposites as a theme create an exciting illusion picture.

Beginners drawing and painting. Over 16's, Tuesday 21st February 2006, 6-8pm. £10/£8conc. Whether you are inspired to become an artist or want to start a new hobby, come along to this taster session which will give you an overview of several different methods and materials.

Card making. Over 16's, Wednesday 22nd February 2006, 6-8pm. £10/£8conc.This workshop will introduce you to a variety of card making techniques and enable you to create beautiful cards for many different types of celebrations and events.

The tutor for the workshops is Julie Ann Roberts M.A, who is a professional artist and has 13 years experience working in arts education, (a CRB certificate is available).

All workshops are taught in English and will be held in the Green Room at the community centre.
Materials are included in the cost of the workshop. Parking is provided and there is wheelchair access.
Drinks and snacks may be brought to the workshops. Places are reserved on a first come first serve basis and are fixed once payment is received.

Please send a cheque together with you or your child’s details to, Julie Ann Roberts, Leicester House,
Dyrfal Road, Llangadog, SA19 9BR.

Contact 01550 777933 for further details.


From: Angus Proctor
Date: 22nd December 2005
Subject: Information superhighway comes to Llangadog... the World ready for this?


Angus Proctor
formerly of Eryl, Carregsawdde Common.


From: Helen Grady
Date: 22nd December 2005
Subject: Congratulations

From Helen Grady (formerly Proctor)
of Eryl, Carregsawdde, then of Llysteg, Llangadog.

Congratulations on a beautiful website which is so interesting as well. I am now living in Catalunya, Spain but think about Llangadog nearly every day - such a privilege to have lived in your community.

Nadolig Llawen!


From: Catrina Scott
Date: 19th December 2005
Subject: Well done

Just a quick message to send best wishes from India! I have been hearing about the projects that have been going on from my family in Llangadog - and now even when I'm working overseas I can look at the site to remind me of where my family are...

Keep up the good work - the historical photo's are interesting.

Catrina Scott (daughter of Bob & Rhiannon at Great House)
Chennai, India

From: Daniel Lloyd Evans
Date: 7th December 2005
Subject: Gwefan Newydd

Llongyfarchiadau. Dim cyn amser bod y pentre yn dod i mewn i'r 21 ganrif.Pob lwc yn y dyfodol.
Lloyd Evans. (Gynt o Great House blynydde maith yn ol).


From: Arwyn Davies
Date: 4th December 2005
Subject: Gwefan Newydd / New Website

At bawb yn Llangadog,
Gwefan arbennig - gobeithio y bydd yn fuddiol i bawb fydd yn ei ddefnyddio. Llongyfarchiadau i bawb sydd wedi rhoi'r ymdrech y tu ôl i'r fenter. Y lluniau hanesyddol yn ddiddorol - llongyfarchiadau i griw Balchder Bro! Fe fydd y wefan yn ddefnyddiol wrth gadw cysylltiad gyda'r pentref a hen ffrindiau. Pob Hwyl!

To all at Llangadog,
Excellent website. Let's hope it will be useful to all who use it. Congratulations to all who are behind this initiative. The historical photos are very interesting - well done to the Balchder Bro team! This will be very useful to keep up to speed with developments in Llangadog and to keep in touch with old friends! Best Wishes.

Arwyn ac Elinor
(Gynt o Frondeg)