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From: Norma Carlin
Date: 3rd October 2008
Title: John JONES b approx 1805

One of my ancestors is Jon JONES of Gwynfe b 1805 approx. I presume he was a younger son, as after marriage he moved to live with his wife’s family at Clwyd y fferch Llandybie. Does anyone have any knowledge of an early 19t century JONES family of Gwynfe?

Norma Carlin, Staffordshire


From: Eleanor Jaskowska
Date: 25th September 2008
Title: Charity Concert

On the 22nd of November the Moontagu band will be holding a concert in aid of the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust (registered charity no. 516674.)

The Trust was founded in 1985 by the late Mrs Ginny Hajdukiewicz with the aim of improving the treatment of animals and providing a rescue/rehabilitation for mistreated horses and ponies. More information about Lluest can be found at Unfortunately the Trust are in great need of funding if their worthwhile work is to continue. This is why we would appreciate it if you could help us by advertising this event.

All proceeds from the concert will be going to the Lluest Trust. Performances will be given by the Moontagu band, Chloe Barker, Gail Morgan, Bryony Seaton-Cox, Eddy Price and there will also be a belly dancing performance from Chloe Barker and Cathy Thurgate. The music will range from rock to classical so there is something for all tastes. The concert will start at 7:30 at the Pantycelyn school hall in Llandovery and tickets (£6 for adults and £4 for children under 16) are available from the Llandovery Post Office.

Thank you very much for your support.
Eleanor Jaskowska


From: David Rudge
Date: 16th September 2008
Title: School Pictures

Below are two pictures taken in the summer of 1967. The first is of the boys in the final couple of years.

The second is the boys in the top class on a school trip to Garn Goch.

David Rudge, Noel Davies, Wyn Jones, Mark and Michael Thomas, Chris Hill, Ieuan, Wayne Evans, Gareth Slaymaker, Hywel Williams, Ellis Griffiths.

Hopefully my memory hasn’t played too many tricks.

David Rudge


From: Mairona Liston
Date: 5th September 2008
Title: Re Anne Williams, mother of Michael Mark(s) born 1820

I live in Vancouver, so research is somewhat restricted---I am trying to trace Anne Williams of the parish of Llangadog who gave birth to Michael Mark in 1820, and who does not appear to have been married to the man named as father on the baptismal record, Michael Mark, Cardiff jeweller. I believe I have traced the father, who had moved his business to Swansea by1826 and was married to a Rosetta Cohen in 1822. However, I have not been able to identify Anne Williams, who would have been my g.g.g.grandmother. Can anyone help, please?

Regards, Mairona Liston


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 4th September 2008
Title: Dr Walters' Rolls Royce

With reference to Sue Jones' posting re Dr. Walters, if she could contact me initially at I may be able to help her with her querie.

Lloyd Evans


From: Sue Jones
Date: 4th September 2008
Title: Rolls Royce Car

We have just acquired a Rolls-Royce which was owned by Dr. Huw Walters of Llangadog – it has been converted to a Shooting Brake and has a tow hitch on it! Does anyone know of this family and the history of the car? It would be great to find out why it was converted and if the car was used to tow a horsebox as we understand that Dr. Walters was Chairman of the Llangadog Horse Racing Committee in 1955. I grew up in the village of Cilycwm during the 1960’s whilst my father worked on Llyn Brianne Reservoir. Great times.



From: Kevin and Cindy
Date: 2nd September 2008
Title: The Red Lion Lunch

Hi All,
Many thanks to all of you that came to the lunch at The Red Lion on 2nd September, it was great to see such a positive turnout. We look forward to seeing you all again next month the 7th October.

Kevin & Cindy


From: Jean Gwynfryn-Evans
Date: 12th August 2008
Title: The Red Lion

I had the pleasure of having a wonderful Sunday lunch at The Red Lion,along with my family at the end of April this year. I would like to take this opportunity of congratulating all involved with their recent award and well deserved too, in a wonderful and friendly environment. Look forward to returning again in the not too distant future.

With Very Kind Regards,
Jean Gwynfryn-Evans, Malta. Formerly Davies of Wern-las, Talley.


From: Kevin and Cindy
Date: 9th August 2008
Title: Red Lion Llangadog

A quick note to let you know that The Red Lion has just been awarded the 'Best Freehouse' (Wales Region) in the National Pub Awards to be held on the 18th September in London , we will be informed of the National Champion on the evening.

Should you wish for further information then it can be found on

As you can imagine we are extremely proud of the teams' achivement and look forward to a promising outcome against some very tough competition.

Kind Regards,
Kevin and Cindy


Date: 27th July 2008
Title: Family History of Llinos Smith

Hi, I believe that I'm a Second Cousin to Mererid (Llinos's mother), descended from the maternal side of Gwennie Davies (Bronallt, Llangadog). As I have an extensive record of the family history of this wing of the family (but with some queries on Gwennie's parentage and siblings), I would be grateful if Llinos can contact me by e-mail at JDRTHOMAS@AOL.COM, with details of Gwennie's mother, who I believe was Elizabeth (known in the family as Aunty LIsa, and lived at Bethlehem), born 1855 at Waunhen (Gwynfe) and died ~1930. Gwennie had a sister named Megan.



From: Peter Berry
Date: 22nd July 2008
Title: Family History

I was interested to read Llinos Smith's recent message. If Llinos, her Mam and/or her uncle Lloyd could help in identifying any more of the people shown in some of the historical photographs on our website I would be be very pleased to hear from them again.

I am the site's Facilitator, and can be contacted on 01550-777980, or by email at, or you can call in for a chat at Llangadog PO (Tuesdays 10.30am to 12 noon).

I would also be delighted to hear from anyone else with their memories of Llangadog, its inhabitants, its buildings and its events and activities, in the relatively recent past (say since the beginning of the 20th century).

Peter Berry

From: Llinos Smith
Date: 19th July 2008
Title: Family History

Hello my name is Llinos and I am the daughter of Mererid and grand daughter of Jack and Gwennie Davies formerly of Bronallt farm. I am researching my family history and need a little help. My great or may be great great grandmother was Rachel Jones who used to work in Ty Escob. My Mother is unaware of any house in the area with that name. Can anyone help?

We had a great time looking through the pictures with Mam identifying a lot of people, although she says my uncle Lloyd who worked for AI would know a lot more than her.



From: Peter Miller
Date: 15th July 2008
Title: Former residents of Llangadog

I thought you may be interested in a former family of Llangadog.
George Miller is my great grandfather.
I would be interested to here from anyone who knows this family or has an interest in any family members.
I can be contacted on

Thank you
Peter Miller 15/7/2008

George Miller was born between 1868 and 1873 in London and died 30th November 1941 in Llangadog.
He married Margaret Williams on 31 October 1893 in Gosen Chapel, Llangadog. Margaret was born 26 December 1863 in Davybonvill, St Dogmaels and died June 1944.
Both are buried in Llangadog Cemetery
George was originally in service on a farm and later worked on the railway.
Census: March 31, 1891, General Servant - spoke English
Residence: March 31, 1891, 20 Penwaun, Llansadwrn
Married: October 31, 1893 in Gosen Chapel, Llangadog.
Census: March 31, 1901, 6 Ashfield Row, Llansadwrn
Occupation: March 16, 1919, Farmer


1) ELIZABETH JANE MILLER, b. May 5, 1894, Lime Tree Cottage, Llangadog, Carmarthen; d. January 2, 1979, Glanmarlais,Llandybis,Ammanford; m. HOWELL HAYDN POWELL; b. 1880, Abersychan, Monmouthshire; d. October 12, 1962.

2) CHARLOTTE MAY MILLER, b. July 17, 1897, Waunysradfiris, Llangadog; d. June 28, 1994, Cilgwyn Manor, Llangadog.Was a District Nurse. Married to Frederick PAYNE and then George Herbert JARRATT

3) WILLIAM DAVID MILLER, b. September 19, 1895, Llandovery, Llangadock; d. July 31, 1963, Gateforth Hospital Nr Selby.Married Gladys Bridgett.Military service: Bet. March 4, 1915 - March 31, 1920, Welsh Regiment

4) THOMAS JAMES MILLER, b. March 14, 1900, 6 Ashfield Row, Llansadwrn; d. April 29, 1987, West Wales General Hospital, Carmarthen.

5) JOHN ALFRED MILLER, aka Jack b. March 13, 1905, 6 Ashfield Row, Llansadwryn; d. July 19, 1974, 121 Queen Alexandra Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire; m. EVELYN BERYL LATHAM, April 7, 1932, Amesbury Parish Church, Wiltshire; b. Abt. 1913, Folkestone.


From: John Passmore
Date: 27th May 2008
Title: Morgan Family Llangadock

Hello there,
I am researching the antecedents of David Joseph Morgan born c 1881. In that year he lived with his parents, Morgan and Elizabeth (Nee Evans) at Dyfadfa Isaf together with siblings Samuel, Ruth Ann, Sarah A., Elizabeth M., and Margery. Morgan is described as a Farmer of 132 acres. The family lived here in 1891 and 1901 and a further son, John Ifan was born. By 1901 David had left home and I cannot trace him.

I have been unable to trace Morgan on the 1861 census.
In 1851 there is a Morgan Morgan living with his parents, David and Elizabeth and four siblings but I don't know if he is one and the same. They were living in 'Tynewydd', Llangadock and David was described as a Farmer.

In 1911 the above-mentioned David married a Ruth Davies from Llanwrda. They in turn had a son David Watcyn Morgan who was later ordained. He was born in Llanon in 1914 and I believe he became Vicar of that Parish.

If you have any information regarding this family I would be most pleased if you could let me have it,

Many thanks,

John Passmore
Tel: 01792 851272


From: Ann Jordan
Date: 10th May 2008
Title: Llandeusant

Ann Jordan
MA Fine Art student Swansea Metropolitan Uni.

I am currently involved in creating a body of work which includes storytelling and performance relating to the village of Llandeusant and the coffin route. Just recently I have started to walk the route, creating site specific work from found objects, mainly sheeps wool and making images from different coloured muds and peat.

Please could you help me expand my research by adding a more personal dimension.I am very interested to hear of any family stories, photographs etc relating to the village community from the 19th C.
I can be contacted by email.

Ann Jordan


From: Rosemarie Foligno
Date: 9th May 2008
Title: Family Tree

Helo i drigolion Llangadog a’r cylch,
Hello residents of Llangadog and the surrounding area,

I wonder if anyone can help me? I have been doing some research into my family tree and am interested in locating my great, great grandparents' grave. They were Thomas Hall and Anne Hall. Thomas was a gamekeeper and had worked on the Danyrallt and Cilgwyn Estates. They had both worked at Plas Glansevin. I have located all these places as well as Brane Villa where Anne had lived and also Penrhiw, Trap where she died aged 98.

From her obituary I have found out quite a lot about where my grt grt grandmother was buried and when, but have failed to locate her grave. The obituary states that she was buried at the New Churchyard at Llangadog on 15th March (1949? I believe, since the date was not on the newspaper cutting). She was a faithful member of Gwynfe Church. Having searched around St Catwg’s church and also Gwynfe church (just in case it was an error on the paper), also the cemetery located past the rugby club.I have drawn a blank. Although, I did find some relations graves at the cemetery - her son and grandson.

They seemed to have spent quite a lot of time at Llangadog and probably have surviving relatives still living there who might be able to help me. There were tributes written for Anne’s 90th (When she lived at Mount Cottage, Gwynfe) and 95th birthday (when she lived with her daughter Mrs Light at Brane Villa, Llangadog) in the local newspaper.

My father was David Glyn Hall , son of Melville and CeinwenHall, son of Frederick William Shirley Hall and Sarah Elizabeth, son of Anne and Thomas Hall.

Perhaps someone out there has more information and stories about my ancestors.

I would be really grateful if you could contact me by e-mail at my place of work.

Diolch yn fawr / Many thanks,
Rosemarie Foligno (nee Hall)


From: Kevin and Cindy
Date: 8th May 2008
Title: Red Lion Inn

The Red Lion Inn has just been voted "CAMRA Carmarthenshire Pub of the Year". Why not come down on the 17th May for our official presentation?

Kevin and Cindy


From: Meirion Thomas
Date: 20th April 2008
Title: Llangadog Races

Bore Da Peter,

I am the chair person of Llangadog Races and we are celebrating 125 years next April (2009). We are looking to gather as much information as we can to write a short history book about the 125 years of racing in and around Llangadog because from what I can gather they have been held in a number of areas around Llangadog.
We have minutes going back as far as the early fifties but nothing before that, I hope that you can put a short piece on your web site asking for any info that anyone has on the races of Llangadog.
My e mail address is and my Mobile number is 07711-771611.

Meirion Thomas MBE


From: Mark D Atkinson
Date: 20 April 2008
Subject: Railway Hotel

If Melanie Jackson could contact me at I might be able to give her some information about the Railway Hotel.


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 18 April 2008
Subject: Llangadog History

[Many apologies for the delay in including this message and the accompanying photos. These photos have now been added to the Historical Photographs section.]

Please find enclosed some old photographs I have managed to obtain over the years. Some of the photos are old post cards and others are photos I got from the collection held at the National Library at Aberystwyth. I don’t know if you are aware, but I believe that Bernard Jenkins who I think is now living in Bryn lago, has a collection of old photos of Llangadog.

As regards some historical facts on Llangadog

Castell Meurig
Also known as Castell Pridd. From extensive research I have made it is by no means certain when or by whom the castle was built of her than it was an original Welsh castle built by a Welsh prince. However, it was fought over by local chieftains between 1204 and 1208. In 1204 the castle was strongly fortified by Rhys ap Grufy’dd but it was soon taken from him by his uncle Maelgwyn assisted by Gwenwynwyn, Prince of Powys. It was later reclaimed by Rhys and he held it for some time. In 1208, Rhys Fychan also known as Rhys Gryg the brother of Maelgwyn having quarelled with his nephews Rhys and Owain, dispossessed them of the castle. There then followed a bitter fight for the castle between the farces of the two Rhys’ with Rhys Fychar- eventually regaining the castle and demolishing it to prevent any further disputes. Nothing more is known about the castle after 1208. It is believed that the local farmhouses of Glansawdde and Caerhyn are built with stone from the ruins of the castle.

This property was at one time a nunnery and afterwards a college for the education of candidates for the priesthood up until the Reformation at which time it was closed, taken from the church and granted to the Abermarlais estate.

Great House
This is one of the oldest properties in Llangadog and was at one time an inn. It was built in 1766 by William Powell and there is a plaque in the wall above the front door stating this. William Powell was the victim of the infamous murder at Glanaraeth on the 8th January 1770. I have a wealth of material regarding the murder which is a fascinating story. If you think the story would be of interest let me know and I will send a full account to you.

Battle of Glanrhyd
In 1254, an argument between two Welsh princely brothers called Rhys and Meredydd the sons of Rhys Fychan over territory’, resulted in a battle that raged along the Tywi valley. Rhys’ forces were reinforced by English troops supplied by King Henry 111, and Meredydd was supported by Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Prince of North Wales. The battle raged for days and the forces of Rhys had to cross the Tywi at a point known as Glanrhyd -y- Saeson where it is said the river ran red with the blood of the combatants. Nearby is a farm known today as Ynys-y-Moch which originally was called Ynys-yr-Och (the isle of groaning) after the screams of the battle. After the battle, Meredydd and his victorious troops crossed back over the Tywi at a spot called Glan-y-Britaniaid which over the years has become known as Glan-Brydan.

I hope the above is of use to you for the web site.

Cofion Cynnes,
Lloyd Evans


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 18 April 2008
Subject: History of Llangadog

Regarding the last entry by Mr. JDR Thomas, he is quite correct in that a sum of money was left by Thomas Thomas for the bells of Llangadog church to be rung on New Years Eve. For a number of years in the late 1950's and early 1960,s together with Peter (Toby) Price, I was paid the princely sum of ten shillings (50p) by the then vicar the Rev Thomas, to ring the bells at midnight to 'ring in the new and ring out the old' every New Years Eve. On one memorable occassion I left the Black Lion at a few minutes to midnight to go and ring the bells having imbibed a little too much of Mrs Fox's best Felinfoel bitter. The bells that particular New Years Eve certainly sounded different! However, I don't recall anybody in the village the following day remarking on the wondrous tones of the church bells. I'd be interested to know whether the bells are still rung on New Years Eve in accordance with the wishes of the late Thomas Thomas.

Lloyd Evans


From: Professor J D R Thomas
Date: 16 April 2008
Subject: History of Llangadog

You have a fascinating history on the Web Pages. But there is a further interesting story that you may care to add re the connection of the LIMES with the Soap Making Business (Puritan Soap) of Christopher Thomas Bros, Bristol. The details (1745-1954) are in the book "Christopher Thomas: Soapmaker of Bristol" by John Somerville, first published in 1991 by White Tree Books (ISBN (0 948265 74 4) and copies may be obtained from 'PLYMBRIDGE Distributors Ltd., Estover Road, Plymouth PL6 7PY' at around £8.

It will be possible to deduce background of travel in those days by Coach and Horses between Llangadog and Cardiff and also Bristol via Gloucester, etc. The history of the family going back to their busines at the LIMES is well given, as well as the memorial tablet of Charles Thomas at St Cadog Church and the set of 4 bells donated (doh, ray, me, fah) by Christopher James Thomas (1807-1894 and Mayor of Bristol in 1874-75), and these were known to Dennis Edwards. Fascinatingly the bells still chime on Sundays - certainly around 5 years ago.

Indeed the Langadog roots of the Thomas family are interesting [no relation to me - I have entries in The International Who's WHo', and Debrett's 'People of Today', and my paternal side roots are in Llanddeusant (Pant Tyrnor (Llanddeusant), Cefn Telych (Llandingat), Blaenllynant (Gwynfe), Llys Brychan (Bethlehem, etc).]

Thomas Thomas 1814-1872 who was an early member of the Chemical Society (London) is described in his obituary of the Journal of the Chemical Society as "one of the senior partners of the firm Christopher Thomas and Brothers, Broad Plain Soap and Candle Works, Bristol. Born and brought up in Llangadock, Carmarthenshire, he had few opportunities of mental cultivation beyond those of the ordinary private schools. At 17 he remoived to Bristol, where his father and eldes brother had preceded him....". Oh yes, re the bells - their donation had the stipulation "that the bells be pealed each New Years Eve".

There we are. That is all I have time for.

Regards and Best Wishes in your activities,


From: Kevin and Cindy
Date: 16 April 2008
Subject: Red Lion

Just to let everyone know that all the rooms have now been completely re-furbished at our delightfull coaching inn. Why not pop in and have a look? Also our new website is on-line and working well. Try -

Kevin & Cindy


From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 10 April 2008
Subject: The Railway Hotel

Regarding the query from Melanie Jackson re the Railway Hotel in Llangadog, if she could contact me via e-mail at I may be able to assist her with her quest.

Lloyd Evans


From: Melanie Jackson
Date: 8 April 2008
Subject: Family history connected with 'The Railway Hotel'

Dear Peter,
I have recently visited the Llangadog website and was interested to find a photograph of the Railway Hotel. I have been doing a little bit of research into my family history and I know that the Railway Hotel was once run by my great, great grandfather, Joseph Godfrey Jackson and his wife Mary. They had nine children the youngest of which was Albert Frederick Jackson, my great grandfather, and who I believe is the A. Jackson in the photograph of the 1955 Llangadog Horse Racing Committee. His son, my grandfather, John Kenneth ‘Ken’ Jackson grew up at the Railway Hotel and throughout his lifetime made regular visits back to his childhood home.

I would be interested if you could provide me with any further details either of the Jackson family or the Railway Hotel.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,


From: Daniel Holmes
Date: 7 April 2008
Subject: Family Search

Hi, I am looking for some information about my fathers family. My father was born in Llangadog in 1943 to Catherine Holmes, nee Williams.

From my fathers birth certificate we believe he was born in the small house opposite the church called Gerllan. We believe this was where Catherine's sister, Elizabeth (Betty) , may have lived with her husband Eric Williams. We know that Elizabeth and Catherine's father was called David Williams, and he may have been a coal merchant. Catherine died in 1944 in Llangadog ,when my father was only a baby, and he went to live with his fathers family in Altrincham near Manchester. My father can last remember seeing his maternal family when he was around 6 or 8
years old, when he can remember visiting his grandmother, possibly at the Ivorite Cottages on the Common.

If anyone has any information about this family, or in particular where Catherine may have been buried, I would appreciate it greatly if you could mail me.

Thank you,
Daniel Holmes

From: Ian Jackson
Date: 29 March 2008
Subject: Jackson

Hi Alun,

William Henry Jackson and his wife Hannah who had the mill, moved to Llangadog in 1864 at the age of 25. So it is a little after the time you're looking at but its nice to know there were Jacksons about there. Iam still trying to find info on thier son, Godfrey Henry Jackson who married Mary Jones 22-1-1890 and had three girls, Hannah, Sarah and Emily.

Ian Jackson


From: Helen Owen
Date: 11 March 2008
Subject: Pointers

Help Wanted

I have 2 x 7month old pointers and would love to work them.
We are new to the village and to hunting, so any information would be gratefully accepted.



From: JDR Thomas
Date: 10 March 2008
Subject: Re: Message of 1st February to Rayanne

Re my message of 1st February 2008 to raise Rayanne (formerly of Bronallt, Llangadog), daughter of Gwennie (of whom she is a 'spitten image' - from the School Photograph of 1957 Class), we (JDR Thomas of Gwynfe) are still eagerly awaiting a response from Nan.

Best Wishes,

From: Stephen Evans
Date: 2 March 2008
Subject: St David's Day

Hi All in Llangadog and all expats around the World,

We had our Welsh Society's (Malta Branch) St David's Day Dinner at the Radisson Hotel attended by around a hundred with a menu that included Cawl and Welsh lamb all in all a great and happy night. Although the only thing missing was some Buckleys! Though plenty of good Italian wine was on hand. Any one interested in visiting Malta and would like to join the Society would be made most welcome. I think some of us expats overseas seem to make more of a fuss than those in the Land of Our fathers! Cymru.

Stephen Evans, Malta G.C.


From: June Stait
Date: 1 March 2008
Subject: Where were you on St David's Day?

We thought it might be interesting to know what the visitors to the Llangadog website were doing on St David's Day. We know a lot of our readers are ex-pats or living away from the area. So if you were doing anything interesting to celebrate, drop us a line to let us know!



From: Catrin Win Morgan
Date: 1 March 2008
Subject: Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

Hello all in Llangadog - wanted to send a greeting from America on St. David's Day. I am currently in Mid-West America touring with the London Concertante - a small string ensemble based in London. We have been touring for a month now and are due home soon. I have experienced temperatures of minus 30 degrees C. Never shall I complain of the rain in Wales again.

The photos are of Mount Rushmore and me stood in front of the frozen Mississippi.

Best wishes,
Catrin Win Morgan


From: Teleri Nicholas
Date: 1 March 2008
Subject: Cylch Meithrin Llangadog

Mae’r Cylch yn dathlu! Yn hwyrach eleni mi fydd y cylch hwn wedi body n rhedeg am 30 mlynedd.
Os oes gan unrhyw un wybodaeth am sefydlu’r cylch nol yn y ‘70au neu unrhyw femorobilia dros y blynyddoedd a fyddech cystal a chysylltu a Teleri Nicholas ar 01550 777173.

Later this year the Meithrin will be celebrating its 30th birthday!
Should anyone have any information on the setting up of the Meithrin back in the ‘70’s, or any memorabilia collected over the years, please contact Teleri Nicholas on 01550 777173.


From: Joy Howells
Date: 1 March 2008
Subject: Llangadog-home until1974 (22yrs old)

I'm delighted to have found the Llangadog website this morning! My name is Joy Howells (nee Nicholls) and I lived at 46 Rhydyfro with Horace and Letty Nicholls.We were members of Providence and I got married there in August 1975 (to Tim Howells, son of Dai Plough, David Howells Myddfai). After an absence of 34 years, I find myself visiting Llangadog most weekends during this last year! Dad, Horace Nicholls, was a Transport Manager with the P. and D. Coop in Llanwrda and then at Llandeilo Builders until he was 73 years old. Mum and Dad left Rhydyfro in 1974 and moved to Y Tymbl. Dad was a Deacon in Providence and I was a Sunday School Teacher for a short time. Dad and I were on the Sunday Schools Trip Committee which met in the chapel in "back way" (can't remember dates). Dad was also on the Races Committee - I have the same photo as on the website. He was also on the New Hall Committee which wasn't built while he lived in Llangadog. I can remember attending lots of events at the Y.M. I am now going to root out some photos and I shall be in touch again.


From: Alun Chesterfield
Date: 22 February 2008
Subject: Family History Research

I have been trying to discover the origins of my great-grandfather David Charles Chesterfield for more than 16 years. I believe that he assumed this name as an adult, as no trace of him under this name can be found in any public records prior to 1880, when he married my great-grandmother in Swansea; no trace either of his father, whom he claimed to have borne the same name and was deceased (info from the marriage certificate). My late father always maintained that David had changed his name for some reason. The family knew nothing about David, as he would never discuss his past life and he appeared to have no relatives.

David claimed in census records to have been born in Llangadog parish (circa 1850-1852) and that his father was a miller. Recently I have found in the burial register of St David's parish, Carmarthen Town, an entry recording the burial of a Thomas Chesterfield, aged 22, who died in 1853. This is the only occurence of this surname I have encountered in Carmarthenshire. I had previously missed this person in the GRO Deaths Index because, as I have now discovered, his surname had been mis-transcribed as CHECKFIELD. I obtained a copy of the death certificate from Carmarthen Register Office and found his name recorded as Thomas Jackson Checkfield, a railway porter who had been killed in an accident. I believe that he could possibly be the father of David Chesterfield.

Concerning Thomas's middle name of Jackson, I was intrigued to find a Jackson family who were millers at Glansevin, Llangadog. I would be grateful if there is anyone who has information which could help me connect this Thomas Jackson Chesterfield with the Llangadog Jacksons, if such a connection exists.

Alun Chesterfield, Glynneath, West Glamorgan


From: JDR Thomas
Date: 18 February 2008
Subject: Masons Arms

Hi again, in response to Stephen Evans' message of 17 February.

The only Masons' Arms in the Parish of Llangadog of which I am aware is that near to the Church at Gwynfe. According to the 1994 book "Llandovery and its Environs' (out of print by 1996), printed by John Penry Press at Swansea (page 249) , The Masons until the mid-1850s was known as The Carpenters after one of its previous occupants who worked in that trade. It went on to be run as a Bakery in the Page family. I was aware of this past - which would have been into the 1920s, after when the Page family moved to Bryncapel (which was used as the Vicarage, i.e., until the new Vicarage was built in the 1920s). My recollection of The Masons was that it was in a state of dis-repair, until it was demolished post 1950.

Re your Grandfather, David Idris Davies (as High Sheriff of Carmarthenshire in 1962-63), I believe it was he who donated the stained glass east window to Talley Church. And he was brother to W J Davies who was Mayor of Llandovery in ~1954. I also recall a framed picture of their grandfather (with a full white beard) on the living room wall at Rhiwddu in the 1930s and early 1940s [the daughter Gwen (affected by a stroke in 1943) and her husband Morgan Morgan moved on to Mount Pleasant - mid way between Llangadog and Llandovery on the A 4069 in 1944]. On the death of Gwen some years later, Morgan married and went to live in Birmingham.

Finally, a note on your Great Grandfather - Daniel Davies there is a story that he started out with his Contracting Business (based at Cwmllynfell) with an Army surplus truck round about 1920. Of course, the business prospered.

If desired, I can be contacted by e-mail at

Best Wishes,
J D R Thomas


From: Stephen Evans
Date: 17 February 2008
Subject: The Masons Arms

Borre Da JDR Thomas,

And thanks for the recent reply, I think I might have had a breakthrough. Would anyone know anything about a Masons Arms in Llangadog ? I am trying now to locate the Proprietors name in around 1841-51, any history and is it still in operation?

Deoc, Stephen Evans, Malta G.C.


From: Stephen Evans
Date: 16 February 2008
Subject: Thomas Davies, Vicar of Llangadog

Hello JDR Thomas.

Very many thanks for your kind reply, I'm afraid I had completely forgotten about my posting on BBC South West Wales, Llandeilo, my apologies.My Grandfather David Idris Davies was the son of Daniel Davies who started the Quarry at Llansawel and called the company D.Davies&Sons. David Idris lived at the Cottage and Wern-las, Talley and became High Sheriff of Carmarthenshire 1962/63. This is hence my interest in William Andrews/Davies who is proving very difficult at finding a birth certificate and I can only imagine that his father Christened him. I know the Vicar was born in Abergwilli and died in 1861 and think William changed his name to Davies on fathers death.Whilst thanking you for your kind help I wonder if anyone has any reminisces of working at the Quarry in Llansawel ?

Thanks Again,
Stephen Evans, Malta G.C.


From: JDR Thomas
Date: 16 February 2008
Subject: Correction to message below

It was a son of Daniel Davies Contractor, who was also a Quarrying Contractor who was Mayor of Llandovery in 1954 and he was also a High Sheriff for Carmarthenshire.

JDR Thomas

From: JDR Thomas
Date: 16 February 2008
Subject: Thomas Davies, Vicar of Llangadog

Dyma ni eto! We did try to respond to your similar enquiry of 5th Feb on the 'BBC-South West Wales Llandeilo - Infromation on the Village of Gwynfe'. So again, here is some information (but no go as far as the mother of William Davies/Andrews born ~1844 is concerned - you might get this from the Birth Certificate - possibly from Carmarthen Register Office):

In the 1851 Census for Nant-y-moch there is a William Andrew (Illegitimate age 7), Head was John Morgan (39) and Wife was Gwenllian (44). In the 1861 Census there is a William Morgan (age 18), Head John Morgan (51) and wife Gwenllian (55) [Incidentally, dau. Gwenllian married Griffith Williams (son of Plasnewydd) at Gwynfe Chapel (Church) on 11 January 1856]. THere was no 'William' at Nantmoch for the 1871 Census - John Morgan was 58 and Gwenllian his wife was 61! I have NOT made a search for the 1881 Census for Nant-y-moch.

Going on to 1891 Census at Nant-y-moch we have Head: WILLIAM DAVIES (48), Wife Margaret Davies (40)

plus Daniel Davies (11) (became Contractor, Quarry Owner and Mayor of Llandovery ~1954), Gwen Davies (9) (who later farmed Rhiwddu and then continued as wife of Morgan Morgans of Frechtan, Bethlehem), Mary Davies (6) [who became a nursemaid at Carnaugwynion to the young Ifor Lewis (1895-1982) who achieved fame as a Surgeon of oesophagectomy), and herself live to ~90 after marrying James Griffiths and farming Nant-ymoch until 1950], Margaret Davies (3) and Elizabeth Davies (4 months). William Davies (51 at Nantymoch) and wife Margaret (49 at Nantymoch in 1901): after 1901 they went on from Nant-y-moch to farm Rhiwddu. RHIWDDU itself (recently denuded of its land, with outbuildings converted into flats) was featured in the WESTERN MAIL's Homes Wales issue of 02 February 2008.

In the early 1950s Nant-y-moch was sold on by James and Mary Griffiths in the 1950s, it finally featured in the S4C Ffermio (Farming) Progamme of DAI JONES in the ownership of a young couple (to whom children were born) (the husband who also ran a contracting business).

It is hoped that Stephen Evans will be able to make something of this information.

Best Wishes to him.
JDR Thomas

From: Stephen Evans
Date: 15 February 2008
Subject: Thomas Davies, Vicar of Llangadog

Borre Da All,

I am currently researching a William Davies/Andrews who was the illegitimate son of Thomas Davies, Vicar of Llangadog in around 1844 when the child was born. I am trying to find out who his mother was. William was brought by a John Morgans and lived and eventually owned Nant-y-Moch farm. Any information would be much appreciated and can anyone inform me as to whether the farm is still standing?

Stephen Evans, Malta, G.C.


From: JDR Thomas
Date: 1 February 2008
Subject: To raise Rayanne

Hi Ray, found you at last. You are a Second Cousin to me. My father - your Uncle Jack, being First Cousin to your mother Gwennie [who'd be daughter - as far as I can make out to Elizabeth (Aunty Lisa born 1855 at Waunhen, Gwynfe and died ????), who was dau. to David and Anne Williams of Gwynfe]. BUT, there's a lot of in-filling needed if only you'll contact me at e-mail
So, you're in Australia - in Melbourne, and to think I spent August 1989 at Melbourne's La Trobe University!

Dymuniadau Cynnes
(Efallai Ronald i ti - ond 'rydym heb gwrdd erioed, gan it to gael dy eni ar ol Merrerid, ac fe ganed hithau yn 1943 neu 1944 - a minnau wedi gadael Gwynfe erbyn hynny)


From: Nan Davies
Date: 30 January 2008
Subject: Llangadog

Hi Lloyd,
My name is Rayanne (Nan) Davies, long time no see. I used to live at Bronallt Farm, daughter of Jack and Gwennies Davies and sister to Austin Lloyd and Mererid.

I have lived in Australia since 1974, now live just outside Melbourne. Married two kids, Ffion and Huw. Meredid sent me this site and I thought I'd join in.

Re the 1957 Llangadog class picture, my memories are -
2nd row
Anthony Jones [sawmills] next to bacco + Nicholas Davies [The Common] next to Ronnie.
3rd row L>R
2. Patricia Davies [Spencer [laughing police man] Davies daughter]
3. Sheila Reese [council houses at back of school ]
4. Mary Hannah Jones [from square and compass Priam's daughter]
6. Beryl Land [farmers daughter]
7. ? Jean Davies [council houses by the school , think she lives in Ammanford]
8. Rayanne Davies [Bronallt Farm, Smallholdings]

None of the above is set in concrete but they were who came to mind when I looked at the photo. Hopefully you may be able to cross reference.

The photo of the market and the farmers. Lloyd my brother lives in Llandeilo and used to work in A.I. He travelled around the farms for many years and would recognise most of them I'm sure. I think it was you wrote about the holes in the hall roof, you forgot to mention the holes in the floor and if you got very excited watching a picture and wriggled, your chair leg would go through the floor.



From: Lloyd Evans
Date: 27 January 2008
Subject: Historical Postcard

Visitors to this web site will I’m sure be interested in the attached postcard that I have recently acquired. The card shows four locations in and around Llangadog. The most interesting one is the scene in the bottom left of the card which shows Abermarlais Mansion. This, as far as I’m aware is the only picture that exists of the mansion in its intact state. As a child (1950’s and 60’s), together with other children from the village, I used to venture into the grounds of Abermarlais and very gingerly approach the mansion itself. In those days the mansion was inhabited by a reclusive lady called Miss Campbell-Davies who would shout at us children whenever we approached the mansion and we would beat a hasty retreat! Unfortunately, I believe that no trace now remains of the old mansion which had a fascinating history

Lloyd Evans


Date: 22 January 2008
Subject: Message to GORDON ARTHEN JONES re The Late Dr I H GRAVELLE

This is a message from J D R THOMAS concerning the item of 28 June 2006 by GORDON ARTHEN JONES stating that sadly his uncle, Dr I H Gravelle, had recently died, my recollection is that Hugh, sadly would not have quite made it to be an octagenarian. I wonder would there be an Obituary on Hugh, as I would like to receive a copy. Although we were friends at school, our paths crossed only rarely after 1950, the last time being at the funeral of J Owen Slaymaker in 1995.



From: Ian Jackson
Date: 1 January 2008
Subject: Glansevin Mill

I saw your request for info on Llangadog. I am at the moment sorting my family history. My gt gt grandfather, William Henry Jackson and his wife Hannah, were running the wood mill and flour mill from approx 1864 to 1890 when most of the family moved to Kington in Herefordshire. One son, Godfrey Henry Jackson, was left. He married a Mary Jones and they had three children - Hannah, Sarah and Emily. He was a tool handle maker and had his brother-in-law working as an apprentice. As yet I haven't found any info on what happened to their three girls, so if anything turns up could you please let me know.
Many thanks.